‘Survivor’: Ricard May Be Losing His Edge in New Sneak Peek

by Chase Thomas

Survivor is five episodes into its 41st season and things are spicy with Ricard and the tribal council. What will the fallout entail for Ricard after Genie was sent home from the tribe? Ricard made a choice, but will that choice come back to bite him?

This storyline is what all Survivor fans can’t stop talking about. Now that Genie was voted out, does Ricard still have the advantage?

One of the best parts of the program is how difficult it is for contestants to maintain relationships that work long-term. Do you think Ricard and Shan ultimately made the right move last week?


What now for Ricard and Shan on Survivor?

Genie was voted out because they were not as cutthroat and forward-thinking as a Ricard and Shan. Ricard was forced to play a game that saw someone who was loyal to the tribe voted out. Shan and Ricard play the game the same way, but can that work long-term? Did Ricard make a mistake not backing Genie last week?

Ricard knows that Shan has the advantage over him now. Will that cause further strife between the two in the tribe on Survivor? Ricard made a play that was a bold one to be sure. It was a decision that showed both who he was a player on the island and how much of a threat he saw Shan to be.


Was he correct in identifying Shan? Should we expect to see Ricard outlast Shan on Survivor? This is not the only storyline that pops on this season of the show, but it is the most interesting. Part of what makes this program so addicting is seeing how moves like the one Ricard made unfold for everyone involved.

Ricard could be better off and flip the script on Shan after his decision to go against Genie. Or, it will back on Ricard and he, too, will not be long for this game. What do you think will ultimately happen for the tribe? Will Ricard see his chess moves blow up in his face this week or will it work out for him and he takes control of the tribe over Shan?

Perhaps Shan is the better player as a whole and this move by Ricard is what ultimately dooms him in the game going forward. All of this takes place on the shortened season of Survivor 41 in Fiji.

How to watch ‘Survior’

You can watch new episodes of the show on CBS. However, you can also watch the show on a variety of streaming platforms like FuboTV and Paramount+ live.