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‘Survivor’: Evvie Jagoda Opens Up About Moments You Didn’t Get to See

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

If you have ever wondered what’s going down on Survivor beyond the cameras, then listen up as contestant Evvie Jagoda speaks out.

Jagoda talked about it with Screenrant. She was part of the Yase tribe on the CBS reality show. Jagoda reportedly was a fan favorite and many thought she’d make it to the end.

But that’s not the case. On Survivor, she was voted off the show recently.

A little more about Jagoda: She was is a 28-year-old Ph.D. student from New York. Jagoda also is the first non-binary contestant in Survivor history and uses she/they pronouns.

They believed that they had solid skills to perform well. Why? Because of Jagoda’s history in challenging moments as a result of coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Jagoda showed a lot of charisma on Survivor and seemed to have the smarts to outlast competitors.

‘Survivor’ Contestant Says She Was Surprised Yase Tribe Fell Apart

Evvie believes that she could have made a strong trio with Xander and Tiffany on Survivor.

Alliance complications aside, Evvie says there were “moments of human kindness and things that are not necessarily the best TV moments, but just really mean a lot” this season.

One moment Evvie recalled was when Tiffany expressed her support for Evvie with enthusiasm.

“That’s just amazing in a million-dollar game,” Jagoda said.

Evvie gave it their all and played a great game with a lot of enthusiasm and a great deal of heart, but questions of loyalty were bound to occur at one point or another. It takes a great deal of strength, bravery, and charisma to make it as far as they did in the competition.

Survivor is in its 41st season on CBS. Jeff Probst remains the show’s longtime host.

Why The Shot in The Dark Was Not Played In A Recent Episode

For longtime viewers of Survivor, they know that the “shot in the dark” power gives castaways a 1 in 6 shot of safety at Tribal Council.

But they have to sacrifice their vote. Why wasn’t it used in a recent episode?

It has been played once this season by Sydney Segal. But she didn’t a safety advantage and was getting voted off the island. If she didn’t play that shot in the dark, then she would have been able to vote against another cast-away, effectively earning her safety.

Her exit from Survivor showed players that the shot in the dark really is a major risk. They also saw how using it can cause problems.

Fans were bummed when contestant Tiffany Seely was voted off the island. What helped her stay alive? Mostly because she had a strong enough social game to protect herself.