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‘Survivor’ Star Naseer Muttalif Revealed Castmate He Feels Most Betrayed By

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Following his departure from Survivor 41, contestant Naseer Muttalif revealed which castmate he feels he was most betrayed by. 

During a Q&A session on Twitter, the Survivor 41 contestant revealed, as he smiled big for the camera, that paster Shan Smith really came to mind as to who betrayed him the most. 

Although he didn’t elaborate on why he believes that Shan betrayed him the most during their time as contestants, Survivor fans were not actually surprised by his answer. “Ah Naseer,” one fan stated. “[You] should have seen it coming my man the day that she told you that there is a lot of people that she wants to see go. You should have [then] already suspected that maybe you could be one of them. Consideration, consideration, consideration.”

Another Survivor fan then tweeted, “I love how he answered that unequivocally AND with a smile. What a quality human being!”

Naseer Muttalif Spoke About How He Thought He Connected With Fellow ‘Survivor’ Contestant Shan Smith Over Religion

During his recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Survivor contestant Naseer Muttalif admitted that he thought he had a connection with Shan Smith. “I felt like I was connected with Shan because I had a pretty good relationship with [my] religious leaders,” Muttalif stated. 

Muttalif then revealed that the fellow Survivor contestant talked about religion a lot, so he thought religious leaders sometimes have to have a little loyalty. “So I’m like, ‘That’s a great person to trust.’ But I think that was the biggest mistake.”

Despite feeling betrayed by Smith, Muttalif didn’t seem to have hard feelings towards her. “We are on Survivor. Anybody can do anything, right? So you had to take it as fun, enjoy, and keep moving forward.”

When asked about his statement, “It was my dream to be on Survivor and enjoy Survivor. And I did it every single minute I was here” really summed up his experience, Muttalif said absolutely. 

“So that’s obvious, right? You can see how I enjoyed my game,” the Survivor contestant declared. “I really played hard. I was able to provide and keep my positive mentality always. And maintain [it] no matter how much deprivation and starvation we had out there.”

He also revealed the reaction of his name coming up three times at Tribal. “I’m like, ‘Ok my day’s gone.’ Because they had to revote because me and [Heather] had the same number of votes. So I’m like, ‘Ok, done deal.’”

In regards to where he believes everything went wrong on the show, Muttalif said he felt like he was a huge threat there. “And if they let me stay one more day, I have an idol in my pocket too. But I’m thinking the other way, right? I wasn’t naive. I know exactly what’s going on.”