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‘Survivor’ Star Naseer Muttalif Reveals How He Learned Essential Survival Skills

by Anna Dunn
“Who’s Who in the Zoo” — Naseer Muttalif on the ninth episode of SURVIVOR 41, airing Wednesday, November 17 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Survivor star Naseer Muttalif arguably had the best survival skills of the whole cast. Here’s how the newly-ousted castaway says he learned them.

In a new Twitter Q&A with fans of Survivor, Mutaliff talked about everything from how much he liked being on the cast to why he didn’t use his immunity idol. He also discussed those impressive Survival skills that really worked to his advantage as the game progressed.

One fan asked, “How did it feel being the survival specialist of the entire tribe and being able to make shelter, make food, and fire for the entire tribe?”

“Growing up back in Sri Lanka, those are very basic skills that we all know,” he explained. “And those are essential tools. So I was able to bring that to my game and to provide shelter and make fire… that was amazing. I really enjoyed it.”

Naseer’s Survival Skills Helped Him Get Far on ‘Survivor’

Before the merge, Naseer was on team Luvu. During the first weeks, Luvu managed to never see tribal and always come out on top during competitions. This is probably in part due to Naseer’s unique ability to feed his tribe.

On Survivor, having survival skills like this makes you an asset in the game. Who wants to vote out the guy who ensured you’re able to eat? But as the field narrows and people learn more survival skills of their own, that becomes less of a necessity.

Naseer did not appear to be in any major alliances. However, his name rarely came up in conversations about who to get rid of despite the fact that he had an Idol. This finally changed last week. Ricard noticed just how much of a threat Naseer could be going forward in comparison to people like Heather or Erica, who Shan was targeting.

Naseer was tricked into believing Heather was going out. Heather put on quite the performance at Tribal, and it got Naseer not to play his idol.

He was also taken out in a twist. The tribe was divided into two tribes with one person from each tribe having immunity, and one person from each tribe getting voted out. Being taken out in a twist sucks, but he’s managed to keep his spirits high.

The two smaller tribes will now re-merge and along with it, we have the final eight: Danny, Ricard, Shan, DeShawn, Liana, Xander, Erica, and Heather. Everyone seems to have different alignments, but it also looks like there are cracks forming in Shan’s alliance, so the next episode should be especially interesting.

If you want to catch the next episode of Survivor, it airs Wednesday night at 8/7 central.