‘Survivor’ Star Shan Smith Has a Message for Fans

by Joe Rutland

If you are a fan of CBS’ reality show Survivor, then you probably know Shan Smith from it. Well, she’s got a message for you guys.

Smith, who was voted off the island last week, shared this message on her Instagram account. This is shared through an article by CinemaBlend.

“My only regret playing Survivor Season 41 was that my mom wasn’t alive to see it,” Smith writes. “Other than that, this was a dream come true. I loved playing this game. As an MS warrior, I kicked so much ass y’all!

“Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable disease and no one but God and me will ever know just how terrified I was of competing,” she writes. “I was so worried about flaring up and having to be medically evacuated, or being unable to walk, or see or move just because my immune system felt like acting up.

‘Survivor’ Star Admits She Was Hoping Not To Have MS Flareup While On Show

“But I went to Fiji anyway, because I never want to live my life in fear,” the Survivor star said. “None of us should. It’s not what The Divine has in mind for us. Dear reader, whether you’re dealing with illness, identity or insecurity – may nothing hold you hostage.”

Smith was labeled as this season’s “villain.”

Smith gave herself a theme song/hum for her wicked schemes. But she got blindsided after doing the same throughout the season.

Last week, Ricard Foye torched his connection with Smith. Now she told Foye he was going to be eliminated from the game. Turns out, though, that Foye nominated Smith to get tossed.

It happened and she is now gone.

Fans Now Will Watch, Wait To See What Ricard Has Planned Next

Ricard had been a part of the Survivor star’s plans. As it turns out, Ricard made sure that he stayed and Shan went.

This puts him in the game’s final seven players.

Knowing what we do about him, don’t be surprised if he forms new alliances to work the game.

Seeing what he did to Shan should be a warning shot. The Survivor player definitely will be someone who draws eyeballs.

When the show aired a preview of the next episode, Xander tells Ricard that pretty much he’s the one they will kick off next.

So, what will he do? Don’t be surprised if he aligns himself with Xander. Xander does not have anyone else in the game. This could backfire on Ricard and Xander. Both players are lightning rods for criticism and getting tossed out of Survivor, too. Xander could really try and convince people to take out other players who proved themselves to be quite formidable last week.