‘Survivor’ Star Unleashes on Show’s Latest Twist in Profanity-Laced Comments

by Kati Michelle

Unexpected twists make reality shows that much more entertaining for fans at home. That’s not necessarily how the cast feels, though. The long-running “Survivor” show is a direct reflection of that. You can access a full recap of Season 41’s latest Episode 7 here. Essentially, this season’s merger chaos has been completely unprecedented. In fact, it may even affect future seasons of the show.

One of the latest “Survivor” contestants to get booted off the show is Sydney Segal. And she has some pretty strong words for the producers. The statement she offered to US Weekly about the Hourglass twist is laced with profanity. Catch it below.

Sydney Segal Opens Up About Being ‘Unfortunate Collateral’

Wednesday, November 3rd marked the day that Sydney Segal got kicked off the “Survivor” show island. The vote came as a direct result of the plot twist cooked up by producers (the time-warp hourglass). Essentially, one player changed the trajectory of the entire game for each of the remaining contestants with one decision. Host Jeff Probst just weighed in on that as well, but what does Sydney Segal think? The 26-year-old law student says the decision basically exposed the show as a crock:

“The only way they could’ve gotten me out was with, like, 15 advantages and a twist, that’s like the stupidest s–t ever,” she explained. “So yeah, that’s sick. I wasn’t outwitted, outlasted, outplayed. I was out f—king lucked.”

Now, Segal says she won’t hold a grudge against Erika for using the random advantage because she would have done the same thing in a heartbeat. However, Segal remains disappointed by the show’s producers and thinks they’ll ultimately come to miss her.

“I just think the whole point of the advantage was to get out a strong player because that challenge was meant to be won by strong players,” she said. “And then that twist was meant to get a strong player out, and congrats, CBS, it worked. And now your ratings are gonna f—king plummet because your big personality is gone.”

How She Feels About the Cast Now

Reflecting back on her time on the show, Sydney Segal has mixed feelings about the cast. Here’s what she said about staying in touch with them:

“It kind of goes back and forth. When I think of the cast as a whole, I’m like, ‘OK, I literally never want to see you again in my life.’ When I think of each individual, that’s like family. I do have good relationships with most everybody. And obviously, there are tiers. There are people I would do anything for, people I would keep in touch with and people that if I never saw you again in my life, that’d be too soon.”

Survivor airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.