‘Survivor’ Star Xander Hastings Opens Up About If Fame Changed Dating Life

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We have some fantastic news for our Xander Hastings fans. The Survivor 41 castaway is single and “ready to mingle.”

All throughout this year’s game, fans across the county openly swooned over the 21-year-old top three finalist. Many of them have also openly wondered if he’s single and looking for love. And the answer to both of those questions is “yes.”

During a chat on the Survivor News podcast, Hastings got candid about his dating life. And more importantly, he explained what he’s looking for.

“I suppose, yeah, I am ready to mingle,” he admitted to the host Brice Izyah. “I’m never a doors-closed kind of guy. It could come from anywhere, anytime, so I’m just keeping my eyes and ears open for whatever comes next. See what life hands me.”

But Xander Hastings doesn’t want to just play the field. According to him, he won’t invest his time into a new romance unless he gets “the feeling.”

“If we click, if we connect, and there’s just some chemistry there, then that’s what matters. I don’t have any type,” he shared. “It can come from anywhere. It’s just like, if we feel it then we feel it, and why ignore that?”

Though we can say that Liana Wallace was his “type” because, during a deleted scene, Xander Hastings admitted that he was sweet on her.

The ‘Survivor’s’ DMs are Coming in Hot

After Xander Hastings spelled out what he’s looking for, he admitted that hasn’t considered the prospect of dating one of his bonified fan-girls. But after mulling it over on the podcast, he decided that he wouldn’t “rule it out.”

However, he may be more comfortable pairing up with someone who isn’t just interested in his celebrity status.

But there was some bad news in the podcast. too. Even if you’re Hastings’s soul mate, you may have a hard time meeting him. Because according to him, his social media inboxes have been filling fast. And not just because he has a legion of lustful admirers.

There is currently a major online campaign going on that claims Xander Hastings was robbed of this year’s Survivor win, despite the fact that he didn’t get a single vote during finale night. One disappointed fan even started a GoFundMe page as a way of unofficially crowning him the Sole Survivor. Currently, the fundraiser has raised around $450, with a goal of $100K.

So because of that drama, people have been sending him DMs by the hundreds (or maybe even more) claiming that Erika Casupanan shouldn’t have taken the title. And Hastings admitted that he can’t possibly respond to all of them.

So if you’re hoping to catch Xander Hastings’ eye, you’ll just have to wait for fate to step in.