‘Survivor’ Takes the Cake As CBS’s Top-Rated Program in Fall 2021

by Joe Rutland

Hey, who loves Survivor, baby? Well, it looks like a lot of the reality show’s fans do. It was the top-rated program for CBS in Fall 2021.

This information comes as a result of an article from TV Line.

See, Outsiders, Survivor‘s return after a year-and-a-half break proved that absence does make the heart grow fonder. The reality-TV vet matched Fox’s Masked Singer and 9-1-1 as the fall’s top-rated entertainment program.

Also in the network’s top three shows were 60 Minutes and NCIS, respectively.

In case you have not seen the show in a while, Survivor is still hosted by Jeff Probst, who also is an executive producer.

‘Survivor’ Contestant Xander Hastings Reflects On Losing Competition

What does it sound like when a Survivor contestant loses and talks about it? Well, we have Xander Hastings to talk about his experience.

It was obvious to him that he would lose during the finals. What stunned him, though, was the fact that he did not a single vote. Nada. Nothing.

Hastings tells Parade that “the moment I knew I lost was at the final four fire-making.”

“Right at the beginning, I looked over at Ricard and smiled,” Hastings says. “And he gave me the coldest glare. I knew that I was really done for. I thought Ricard and I were so close. We had the closest relationship; I let him in on all the calculated things I was thinking and how my mind actually works.”

Whoops! That didn’t work out, dude.

Hastings said that he didn’t use any of his micro strategies and was being naive. Because of this, his best friend on the entire island simply knew what he was going to do.

“He was the person that I wanted to do a ‘half-Murphy’ for me!” Hastings says. “And I guess that really backfired because he did the opposite. It was more of an Erik Cardona.”

Now, now, what does Ricard Foyé say? He has a little different thought on Hastings’ loss. Ricard tells Entertainment Weekly that he could have potentially gotten a vote or two from Yase. Why not? Well, he would have had to just play that game differently before the final vote.

“I felt like his game was over a while before that,” Foyé says. “It’s definitely even bigger of a reason not to award him with even a friendship vote when I’m like, ‘I can’t justify this. How do you bring the next biggest target and not take her out with fire?'”

He added that conversation about making fire and bringing her.

Foye says that they all knew that she couldn’t make fire.

“She never made [a] fire at camp,” he says.