‘Survivor’ Teases Aftermath of Shan’s Departure from the Game

by Anna Dunn
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Ahead of tonight’s episode, Survivor is teasing the aftermath of Shan’s dramatic departure from the game. Now that someone as influential as Shan is gone, it really is anyone’s game. Things are more up in the air than ever.

With alliances having turned dramatically on each other, almost everyone has been left to scramble to form new connections. Heather and Erica remain strong as do Danny and DeShawn. But Ricard, Liana, and Xander don’t really have anyone.

In the preview, Liana confronts Danny and Deshawn immediately after tribal council. Danny and Deshawn elected to turn against their alliance with Shan and Liana in order to get Shan, who was proving herself to be a major threat, out. The two argue that going along with the plan, which involved splitting the votes between Shan and Liana then voting Shan out, was Ricard’s plan and they had to follow it.

The preview also shows Xander and Ricard talking. Ricard has proven himself to be a massive threat in taking out his close ally, and Xander reveals to him that most people want him gone. But is Ricard much of a threat now that he doesn’t have anybody?

If you want to catch the upcoming episode, you can tune in at 8/7 Central to see who gets sent packing next, and who’s getting closer and closer to winning this season.

Following Her Departure, Shan Explained Her Relationship with ‘Survivor’ Ally Ricard

Many Survivor fans were curious about Shan’s friendship with Ricard after he betrayed her on the show. The two may have fought a lot, but they worked very closely together and clearly bonded. They started working together when they were put on the same tribe. Each week, they’d strategize together. It resulted in the demise of everyone else on their tribe.

In her exit interviews, Shan explained there’s no bad blood, and she thinks getting her out was a great move.

“It was such an interesting relationship because people would be like, “Oh, my goodness, they fight so much.” But Ricard was my husband on that island. We would fight, we would bicker. But at the end of the day, we were gonna move together no matter what,” Shan told Parade.

And as far as any grudges go, it looks like any resentment is long gone. The two were both major players in the game and respected Survivor for what it is: just a game.

That’s my boo. I had a lot of fun playing with him. And his move was probably one of the best moves of the season,” she said.

Here’s the preview for the next episode with the final seven. While it’s sadly Shan-less, there’s still a ton of great competitors left: