‘Survivor’ Teases the Final Five’s Next Challenge in New Trailer

by Jonathan Howard

We have the final five on Survivor and a new trailer is out teasing what the next challenge is going to be for our castaways.

While Deshawn was able to avoid elimination despite his wild outburst at the tribal council, there is work to be done. First things first, the final five are headed to a new camp. The few amenities and comforts they might have built themselves are gone. Things are starting anew. That change is also going to force the players to fend for themselves.

Alliances can only go so far in the game. Deshawn pretty much put any chance of an alliance surviving to bed. He called out Erika for working against Heather. Also, Ricard seems to be moving silently forward along with Xander. Those two could end up taking the entire game.

Check out the trailer below and see what awaits the contestants next week.

Xander is feeling confident. He doesn’t seem to care about the new camp change. The Survivor contestant is heard saying he will be just fine without food and water. It seems he will try to win off of determination alone.

In other news, it looks like Erika is going to remember what Deshawn did to her. So, that could grow into a heated rivalry. While there are other priorities, these two could be gunning for each other. Also, it is clear that Ricard is still a favorite to win. He has put himself in a strong position to succeed despite the council this week.

Deshawn Decides to Go Scorched Earth on ‘Survivor’, Finds Himself Still in The Game

When Deshawn decided to do what he did last night during the Survivor tribal council, he probably thought he would be leaving that night. Votes were tallied. It turns out there was a tie and so a revote had to happen. After votes were taken a second time, the open and brutally honest Radden still had his torch lit.

It was Danny McCray that took the fall this week. Perhaps Deshawn thought the chaos he caused with his speech against the others would help his friend after he was voted off. Now, he will have to use it to his own advantage. Deshawn is a true survivor. He has done a lot to get to this point and even survive the Do or Die twist.

While others like Ricard look to be in a more stable situation on Survivor, no one should be counted out of this competition. Erika might be able to salvage her relationship with Heather. If she can, they could be a strong force moving forward. They just have to have one more ally to force a 3-2 majority into next week. It sure won’t be Deshawn, that’s for sure.