‘Survivor’: These Contestants Left a Lasting Impact on the Game

by Jonathan Howard

We are in the midst of the 41st iteration of Survivor. Over the years, the show has pulled in millions of viewers with their fan-favorite contestants. Let’s go over some contestants that left a lasting impact on the game.

To start off, we have one of the first stars of the show. Rob Cesternino. Cesternino made a name for himself in just season 6 of the show. At this point, there was no clear strategy to play the game. The body of evidence was much smaller. Rob was an alliance maker and a politician of sorts when he was on the show. He made deals, went behind backs, and established a real strategy. However, he came up short in the end.

Then, there’s Cirie Fields one of the multi-season stars that played a lot of Survivor. Her story is one of a fan favorite for sure. Over the course of four seasons, Fields made a name for herself. She perfect alliances and blindside votes like she did to Erik Reichenbach. Across those seasons, she only finished outside of the top-6 once.

Next up is Rob Mariano. He competed in two seasons total. He was a member of seasons four, eight, twenty, and twenty-two. During his time on the show, he established himself as a favorite on the show. During Season 8 he would finish runner-up to his future wife, Amber Brkich. He finished with a top-10 finish, a top-13 finish, a runner-up, and finally won the game on Survivor: Redemption Island. He has one of the most interesting resumes out of all contestants on the show.

There are so many that have influenced the game of Survivor. In Season 41 the game plans have been laid out and each contestant is trying to repeat what these former contestants did.

‘Survivor 41’ Alliance Could Go in History Books

While it might not seem like it, this season of Survivor could be one of those that has a lasting mark on the game. The game has been played so much, there is a real strategy and way to play it. These contestants have watched the show in the past and have a lot of information to help them make it through the game.

However, like in years past, only the savviest are going to make it through. Could it be possible that we look back on this season and a couple of members of the Cookout alliance find their names among these other legends? That’s hard to say at the moment. There are so many more moves to be made before the end of the season.

Survivor continues this season on CBS. There are only a handful of contestants left and a Sole Survivor will be selected soon enough.