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‘Survivor’: These Things From Early Seasons Have Aged Poorly

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

After 41 seasons on the air, it stands to reason that certain aspects of CBS‘s longstanding “Survivor” have aged poorly. Over the course of its airing, “Survivor” has seen the improvement of modern technology, vast creativity, and social developments alike.

Now, we remain ensconced in the middle of season 41. As such, we’ve taken the opportunity to look at some of the changes that have taken place over “Survivor’s” running that has made the show the success it is today.

Most predominantly, Screen Rant points to the improved visual clarity of “Survivor” as seen on television screens across the country. The outlet states that seeing the show first aired more than two decades ago, “Survivor” lacked the color, clarity, and overall vibrance of high definition television today. Instead, viewers endured the early 2000s’ lackluster colors of 480 total pixels.

“Survivor” didn’t see technical visual improvement for a long 16 seasons. Screen Rant states it wasn’t until season 17, “Gabon,” that we saw the advent of modern technology. Obviously, at that point, viewers saw greater color and clarity.

Another aspect of early “Survivor” that did not age well was the players‘ blatant demonstration of mysogyny. The outlet stated early seasons, especially “The Amazon,” saw “slimy” male players unafraid to act and speak in sexist ways. Now, society has begun to embrace women in much more positive ways. Should today’s “Survivor” competitors make remarks at all similar to ones in earlier seasons, we’re sure their reign wouldn’t last long.

Other transformations that have taken place include more exciting challenges, improvement in Jeff Probst’s hosting style, and more. For the full list, head on over to Screen Rant.

‘Survivor’ Ties ‘The Masked Singer’ for Wednesday’s Top Spot

While “Survivor” clearly had a slow and awkward start, season 41 continues to see major success over on CBS. The hit show’s latest episode, which premiered this Wednesday, tied “The Masked Singer,” the two show’s taking the top spot of the night with the highest viewership score overall.

“Survivor” saw a double-elimination, a must-see this far into the season. As to the overall scores, “Survivor” saw an 0.9 rating for the demographic including ages 18-49. Additionally, the hit show attracted a steady total of 5.63 million viewers, remaining locked in compared to the previous week’s ratings.

Other shows during the Wednesday time slot did relatively well, though none came near the scores we saw over on “Survivor.” ABC‘s “The Goldbergs” and “The Conners” both saw viewership surpassing 3 million viewers and a score of 0.5.

Back on CBS, “Tough as Nails” attracted 2.8 million viewers and earned a score of only 0.4. “CSI: Vegas” saw the same score, however, way surpassed the former in viewership, maxing at 3.75 million viewers. The network’s procedural crime dramas typically do well in viewership, regardless of technical ratings.

As we head further into “Survivor” next week, it will be interesting to see which players are cast away and which ones continue to dominate the game.