‘Survivor’: What Idol and Immunity Twists Will the Show Bring Back for Season 42?

by John Jamison
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

‘Tis the season of major changes to Survivor gameplay. With the 41st winner freshly crowned, it’s time we ask the all-important question—what new additions will the long-running show keep heading into next season?

Fans know that Season 41 brought some new twists and turns that changed the game. Perhaps the most notable of these was the condensed schedule. Instead of the typical 39-day game that found contestants roughing it for more than a month, Season 41 ran a 26-day game.

Another result of the COVID impact was the show filming Season 42 immediately after wrapping up production on Season 41. This is important to keep in mind because the show didn’t have the luxury of hearing audience feedback on specific gameplay changes before they had to commence the next game.

There were also big updates to the idol play this season. The highly controversial “Beware Advantage” is a shared responsibility between three contestants. They each have to say a specific phrase at the same time to activate the advantage. Think of it as multiple people carrying keys to launch a nuclear warhead—they all have to agree that the time is right. Now, the stakes are considerably lower than that on Survivor, but it looks like this three-way advantage will be coming back for Season 42.

“It was really exciting to birth the next era of Survivor with a new, dangerous, fast-paced game that completely caught the players off guard. For Survivor 42, we have another truly outstanding group of players ready to take on the greatest social experiment on television,” said Probst. “And perhaps the best twist of all is that we shot 41 and 42 back to back, which means this new group of players had not seen Survivor 41, so they have no idea what awaits them!”

Host Jeff Probst Identified the Biggest Moment of ‘Survivor 41’

Jeff Probst has spent the better part of two decades with a front-row seat to each and every Survivor tribal council. His insight has more than a little value.

Ahead of this week’s finale, Probst detailed what he saw as the turning point of the recently completed season in an interview with TV Line.

“My vote would be for Ricard turning on Shan as the defining moment of the season. As a pair, you have to put them up there with JT and Stephen, Domenick and Wendell or Denise and Malcolm,” “Shan knew that Deshawn and Danny were targeting Ricard, but instead of joining them, she stayed loyal to Ricard and told him. And what did Ricard do? He saw an opening and seized the opportunity. He persuaded Deshawn to join him and took out Shan with a devastating and brilliant blindside,”