‘Survivor’: Who’s In Danger of Being Eliminated Next?

by Kati Michelle

When “Survivor” first hit the waves in 2000, it seemed the gameshow centered mostly around skill. Nowadays, it’s more of a grab bag between strategy and some luck, too. But is all fair in “Survivor” and eliminations? Well, Sydney Segal, for one, doesn’t think so. She got the boot after the producers threw in a twist that altered the entire game. She thinks the whole thing is a crock, too, and let that be known in her uhh “colorful” exit statement.

Another losing castaway that made her disappointment known recently was Tiffany Seely. Seely says she, “went into Survivor playing the game I’d watched all these years, and I didn’t get to play that.” But the show must go on! So, where does that leave the rest of the crew going into “Survivor 41” Episode 10? Here’s a breakdown of who’s in danger of being eliminated next.

‘Survivor’ Turns Up the Heat With Upcoming Elimination

“Survivor 41” Episode 10 drops next week despite the holiday. No, really! While many shows opt-out of this TV spot for fear of falling ratings, that’s never really been a concern for “Survivor.”

The players have been fighting hard all season but this is not the time to let those guards down. I’ve been a nationally-competing martial artist, so I know a thing or two about competition, fighting, and alliances. We’ve seen how the groups try to play together, but at the end of the day, where does their true loyalty actually lay?

After the last double-elimination episode of “Survivor,” only eight people remain. Without a preview of the next elimination, we can really only speculate about the show’s events to come. If Shan can stave off another elimination, she might just be a power player. Ultimately, though, Deshawn’s alliance is only one number away from total dominance. And what about Naseer? It seems their place in the game might have been as a shield.

How is Ricard Faring in the Game?

The official “Survivor” Twitter account continues to keep the details surrounding the next elimination mum. However, they did just give us an update on Ricard. He revealed he is Hard-of-Hearing following a traumatic incident that left him fully deaf in his right ear. He talks about his assistive device and the difficulties he deals with on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, he taught himself to read lips and read body language to adapt. Ricard says he entered the competition really afraid but has since “blossomed” and went on to “kick ass.” I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think that’s what this show is all about.