‘Survivor’: Why The Shot In The Dark Wasn’t Played in Recent Episode?

by Anna Dunn

After the last couple of Survivor episodes, it feels like the season has finally taken off. With so many advantages and extra powers at play, it can be hard to keep track. The “shot in the dark” power gives castaways a 1 in 6 shot of safety at tribal. However, they have to sacrifice their vote. So why wasn’t it used last episode?

So far, the shot in the dark has been played once this season by contestant Sydney Segal. She didn’t get a safety advantage and wound up getting voted off the island. Had she not played that shot in the dark, she would have been able to vote against another cast-away, effectively earning her safety.

Sydney’s exit from survivor showed players that the shot in the dark really is a major risk.

Last episode, fans were bummed when contestant Tiffany Seely was voted off the island. Despite the fact that she cost some major wins for her tribe early on, she had a strong enough social game to protect herself. Unfortunately, with the messiness of last tribal, she was voted out.

Here’s what she told Entertainment Weekly about using that shot in the dark.

“I might have used the Shot in the Dark, but to be honest with you, I totally forgot about it because it was such a fractured, messy Tribal that the lines were not clear enough for me to put myself out like Sydney did,” she explained. “I did kick myself about that on the island, but in hindsight, I wouldn’t have used it. So the vote was just a mess and nothing was flushed.”

In short, she forgot. What a shame! But considering the absolute craziness of these last two tribals, that’s not a complete shock.

Here’s Who Tiffany Thinks is the Biggest Threat Moving Forward

This season has a host of major power players. Ask a few Survivor fans who they think is going to win this season and you’re unlikely to get the same answer from any of them. But who does Tiffany think is a big threat?

To her, it’s anyone with an Idol. Which is very true. Not only do the people who have Idols have major power, but all three Idol holders have been playing very good games so far.

Naseer, Shan, and Xander all have idols. Xander wowed fans with a fake idol move two episodes ago, and has since been on a lot of people’s radar. Shan has impressed with her fantastic social game and ability to get her way, but a preview for the next episode shows that she may go too far.

Out of the players with idols, Naseer is playing the most low-key game, but he’s also incredible at being a cast away. When it comes to gathering food and starting fire, he seems irreplaceable. He’s also just a positive guy who seems like he can fly under the radar for a bit longer.

If you want to see what’ll happen next on Survivor, tune in to CBS on Wednesday night at 8/7 Central.