Susan Lucci Recalls Working With Betty White on ‘Hot in Cleveland’

by Chase Thomas

Betty White was one of a kind. Yes, the late actress was a story for so many decades in Hollywood. Her passing hit so many folks hard. It included both her friends and coworkers in Hollywood who knew her or watched her for so many years. One of those folks was Susan Lucci. Yes, Susan Lucci recalled working with the legend on “Hot in Cleveland” back in the day.

Lucci told People, “When I got there, I opened the door to the sound stage and it was dark except for one set that was lit because they were rehearsing.” He continued, “I stood there by the door because I didn’t want to make any movement to possibly interrupt the rehearsing. I didn’t want to be in any of the actor’s sight lines, so I was just kind of hanging by the door.”

Lucci told the magazine about the first time she ever came up on set of the program. The story involved Betty White. She continued, “All of a sudden Betty White — who I had never met, but admired so much, of course, from ‘Golden Girls’ and everything else, just like everybody else — called out to me in a stage whisper, ‘Susan, Susan! Come sit next to me,’ and she patted the director’s chair next to her.”

Betty White Steps Up

How cool is that, folks? Yes, White made sure to make Susan Lucci feel right at home on the show. Lucci looked up to White and admired her for many years prior. The two had never even met. Betty White just wanted to make Lucci feel comfortable on the set of “Hot in Cleveland”. There are so many stories that have come out after her passing that are similar to this. Betty White’s stories of kindness and being a joy to be around on set.

Lucci added, “I will never forget that. I mean, I was the new girl in town. I had no idea what to expect.” It meant everything to Lucci. Even to this day she still thinks about that first day with Betty White and what it meant to her at the time and now years later.

Lucci continued, “And certainly, to have Betty White welcome me so beautifully, and have me sit next to her — first of all, she called me by name.” She concluded, “That Betty White knew my name was amazing to me. And she was just delightful as that moment, all the way through. Betty White was everything you would hope Betty White would be. She was warm, gracious and talented.”

White was who folks said she was and will be missed by so many in Hollywood and her fans all over the world.