Suzanne Somers Wishes Dick Van Dyke Happy Birthday in Photo from Their Day Out

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Zanger/IMAGES/Getty Images)

From one iconic celebrity to the next, Suzanne Somers wished Dick Van Dyke a Happy Birthday with an Instagram post that featured a picture from their day out and about. The photo featured the four folks posing for the camera in front of a Los Angeles eatery.

For the caption, Somers wrote, “Happy 96 to @official_dick_van_dyke the happiest man in Hollywood. It is a joy to be in his presence. A great man, entertainer, legend.”

How wild is that, Outsiders, that Dick Van Dyke is 96-years-old now? Van Dyke looks as good as can be as he smiled at the camera outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Fans loved the picture of the group. One fan wrote in the comments, “He’s wonderful have fun God bless you all enjoy Merry Christmas happy new year.”

Another fan wrote, “Happpy happy Birthday He’s the best!! Mary Poppins to the Dick Van Dyke show!!!”

Advice from Suzanne Somers

The former star from Three’s Company has remained active at her age as well, at 75-years-old Somers has prioritized her health. She told Page Six, “I have to say that since I embraced health, I have never enjoyed life more.” Clearly, the regiment change across her life years ago has been hugely beneficial for the iconic actor. She continued, “I like the way I look. I like the way I feel. I like my energy …”

Suzanne Somers continued, “I can tell you that aging can be so incredible if you know how to approach it. It takes a little bit of work.”

It’s all about tackling it with the right attitude and determination in her estimation. Suzanne Somers is happy with the choices she has made to make sure she is as healthy as possible the older she gets.

Suzanne Somers continued with the advice adding, “We have to learn the language of our bodies. Itching, bitching, lack of sleep, sweating, bloating, forgetfulness, being dried up; that’s the body talking.” It’s imperative that one listens to their body, as Somers points out. That is a critical part in wellness is understanding what your body is trying to tell you. She concluded, “You can’t sleep unless you balance your hormones.”

Somers’ perspective on health and determination is fascinating to be sure. A lot of it is in your mind and how you view it all. “It’s about health; about shifting your thinking and understanding what it is that’s making us sick and how we can combat it,” she continued.

Somers has had quite a career in Hollywood. She starred in both iconic programs, Three’s Company and Step By Step. She has been married to her longtime husband Alan Hamel since 1977.