‘Swamp People’ Announces Date, Time for New Episodes on HISTORY Channel

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

New episodes of Swamp People will be airing soon on the History Channel. According to a tweet posted by the official Swamp People page, new episodes will start airing on January 27th, 2022. Along with the tweet, they shared a gif of the cast in their boats, with a caption that says “Which Swamp People boat would you join?” Other Twitter users were quick to respond with their favorite duos. The majority of the responses said they’d join Troy and Pickles.

“Which swampers are you tagging along with? Join your favorite duo on January 27 at 9/8c for new episodes of #SwampPeople, only on The @HISTORY Channel!”

Recent Episodes of ‘Swamp People’ Have Shown Unbearably Hot Louisiana Weather

On a recently aired episode of the History Channel show, cast members were complaining about how hot it was. As they boated through the bayou, the gator hunters had a hard time sticking to the task at hand. If the seasoned reality TV stars are saying it’s hot, then it must be absolutely sweltering. During that episode, the temperature reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit before the sun was completely up. In addition to that, the humidity was all the way up. That’s not an exaggeration, either – humidity levels reached 95% that day. Even precious shade wouldn’t bring relief from the sticky air.

Apart from being incredibly uncomfortable, heat like that can cause issues when hunting. For example, it’ll quickly dry out any meat that the hunters use. They typically use rotting chicken to lure gators out. Obviously, it stinks, but if it dries out then that smell goes away. As a result, fewer gators show up, if any at all. High temperatures and humidity levels can also easily cause heatstroke. During the last season of Swamp People, many of the gator hunters came close to getting heatstroke. Unfortunately, the Louisiana swamp offers little refuge from the sun or the heat.

The Gator Hunters Have Learned Some Heat Hacks Along the Way

Of course, the hunters aren’t completely helpless. Nor are they inexperienced in the way of hot Southern days. As a result, they’ve each developed their own tricks to keep gator hunting as fun as possible during those days where it’s too hot to think straight.

For one, Terral Evans combines his meats to keep his bait moisturized and smelly enough for the gators’ liking. Evans uses a piece of chicken to keep his bait of choice – cow spleen – from drying out. He places the chicken in between pieces of the beef. Big T also has his own way of keeping his bait enticing for the gators. The Swamp People star will collect chicken juice, and then leave it out in the sun for a few days. After the chicken juice has gotten ripe, Big T uses it to pour over his bait. The smell is pretty much guaranteed to draw in gators.