‘Swamp People’ Crew Battle the Heat While on Gator Hunt

by Amy Myers

When the stars of Swamp People start to complain about the heat, you know it’s got to be boiling in Louisiana.

During a recent episode, the southern gator hunters struggled to keep their wits about them as they boated through the sun-scorched bayou. Even before the sun had fully risen, temperatures already reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And this was no dry heat. The humidity was already at 95 percent which meant there was no real escape from the muggy air, not even in the shade.

This posed several potentially catastrophic problems for the Swamp People hunters. The first had to do with the quality of their bait meat. Usually, the stars of the show will use putrid, rotting chicken to lure gators to their lines. But when exposed to incredibly intense heat, these chunks of chicken quickly dry out, leaving them devoid of any odor and thus, little appeal to their game.

Watch the full episode below.

The second major problem that the humidity and heat posed regarded the Swamp People stars’ wellbeing. Last season, several hunters either suffered or came extremely close to experiencing heatstroke, and ever since then, they’ve learned not to underestimate the effects of warm weather. Unfortunately, when out on the swamp, there’s not much relief from the humidity. And if you’re in the marshes, you have little to zero opportunities for shade.

But the ‘Swamp People’ Stars Have a Few Tricks Up Their Sleeves

If you thought that all of these potential consequences would keep the Swamp People stars at home, you might need to watch a few more episodes. These legendary gator hunters don’t give up. Instead, they find ways to work around their problems.

In terms of bait, this meant finding ways to keep the scrap meat as smelly – sorry, fragrant –as possible. Terral Evans learned a tactic that kept his beef melt (cow spleen) from losing its draw. He places a piece of chicken between the beef so as to help retain moisture and therefore flavor.

Likewise, Swamp People star Big T has created a hot-weather hack of his own. Instead of using a whole third piece of meat, Big T prefers to collect the juices from some chicken and leave it out in the sun for a few days. Once he pours that potion on his bait, every gator from Louisiana to Florida will be able to smell that chicken.

As for one of our heatstroke victims, Ronnie, he’s learned when it starts reaching triple digits to take lots of breaks. He also has a liquid concoction of his own to fight the heat made with water with electrolyte additives.

Ronnie complained that it tasted awful. But hey, at least it’s not week-old chicken juice.