‘Swamp People’: Relive the Best Gator Hunts of Season 12

by Amy Myers

There isn’t a single moment of Swamp People that isn’t packed full of excitement and danger. And this past season was only more intense.

Each year, the gator hunters of the Louisiana bayous load up their rifles and head out onto the murky waters where they face off against the scaly predators of the south. This past season, though, there are more gators trolling the waters, and with the higher population comes more competition for food sources. So, instead of disappearing at the sign of a boat, these creatures instead have become more aggressive. That means the Swamp People stars have to be faster and more efficient than ever to fill their tags.

When it comes to gator hunting, just as important as the bait and rifles are the teammates that are holding them. A bad partnership can cost the Swamp People hunters precious time and tags, so they have to learn how to communicate with each other and delegate the tasks on the boat. For years, King of the Swamp Troy Landry has worked with Terrell Evans, and the two have tagged out every season they’re on the water.

In Season 12, though, Evans had to tend to his other job, leaving Landry without a partner. So, he called up a buddy whose daughter, Pickles, was a trained and talented hunter since the age of three. With her pink rifle bag in tow, she happily hopped on board Landry’s boat and got to work.

Check out some of their best moments on the Louisiana waters in the video below.

‘Swamp People’ Star Willie Edwards Invites His Father to His Boat

Meanwhile, fellow Swamp People star Willie Edwards was missing his usual partner, too. Usually, the gator hunter trolls the waters with his son, Little Willie, and the two are pretty successful. Sometimes, they struggle to get a good shot on a thrashing gator, but, like the Landry family, the Edwards men have a good track record.

Without Little Willie at his side, though, the Swamp People father had to find a new Edwards family member to join him on the water. So, he chose his father, Junior, who has spent many a year in the swamp as well.

Unfortunately, Willie already knew that his father wouldn’t like being in the deckhand’s seat rather than the captain’s chair. And sure enough, as soon as they had a gator to pull on board, they started bickering. Junior didn’t like the way his son ran his boat or prepped his lines, so he began correcting the errors on his own. Not surprisingly, Willie didn’t take too kindly to this and reminded his father who was in charge. As the two drove off towards their next line, Junior warned his son that he wasn’t afraid to put him over his knee.

For the Swamp People stars, it seems that the father-son duo isn’t always a sure-fire success.