‘Swamp People’s T-Roy Broussard Hilariously Makes Most of ‘Bad’ Hunting Day

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

If you are a hunter, then you will know all about having a tough day. It just happens. Case in point: Swamp People star T-Roy Broussard.

Broussard is known for sharing his outdoor activities on Instagram. He did it again on Sunday and, well, there is some humor to it. OK, so let’s all just saddle up and see what ol’ T-Roy has to share.

That would be one interesting way to make a day in the field count a little better. Hey, with all of that Crown Royal right at your fingertips, then do you call it a productive day? Or do you call it just one of those days?

The former Swamp People cast member did have some fans offering their two cents.

Here are some reactions from those Instagram followers: “If you see one, maybe it will at least look like two or three!!!” “After all that whiskey, I’m surprised y’all remember it!” “Doesn’t everyone have a drawer like that? Not really sure why we are saving the bags.” “Jack Daniel’s on ice cubes brother!!”

Well, it appears that some of these fans might just feel sympathetic toward Broussard’s travails.

Maybe they are hoping, a little bit, that T-Roy would share a sip with them. Um, we’re going to go ahead and believe that Crown Royal will be for a party of one or two.

‘Swamp People’ Star Does Compare Alligator Hunting to Bass Fishing

Do you think that there is something aligned between alligator hunting and bass fishing? Yes, if you just simply listen to Swamp People icon T-Roy Broussard.

He says that, “What we both get from it is being out with God in the great outdoors. You can’t ask for anything more than that in life.”

While he is no longer on the show, Broussard stays active with his Texas Swamp Stompers business. In 2014, he talked with BassMaster about gator hunting and bass fishing.

“Alligators and bass are predators,” Broussard says. “They both have seasonal patterns. They both look for food the same as opportunistic feeders.”

It sure is cool to know these patterns really well.

Broussard just makes his living from harvesting both of them. He currently creates unique, wildly effective fishing lures through his Texas Swamp Stompers business.

Which is his preferred prey?

The Swamp People hunter says, “They both use deep water routes for travel. A big gator doesn’t like to crawl over shallow cover. It’s the same thing with a big bass.”

Broussard says, “Both animals will use the least amount of energy they can to get a meal.”