‘Swamp People’: Troy Tests His Luck But Will It Run Out?

by Amy Myers

In all of Swamp People star Troy Landry’s 30 years in the murky Lousiana waters, he’s never once had to turn in extra tags at the end of the season. Every year, the King of the Swamp pushes hard to make sure he puts every tag to good use so that he can get just as many, and perhaps even more, the next season.

So, when a couple of years ago, Landry had 17 tags left on the last day, he knew he needed to step up his game. That’s why he and his partner, Terral Evans, decided to go where few dare to venture – Orphan Bayou.

The ominous name does the secluded area justice. As Swamp People star Landry explained, this was the same place where two children had gone missing recently. No one knew why or how the kids disappeared, but the monstrous alligators lurking in the waters might have a clue. Now, without any locals around, the reptiles have grown even larger, making it the prime area for hunters with tags to fill.

During the episode, Landry expressed some trepidation as they entered the area, but he knew Orphan Bayou would be his best chance for filling all of his 67 tags.

Watch the full episode below.

Thankfully, his decision seems to pay off, as his boat quickly fills with scaly game. With the help of his two sons, Jacob and Chase, the Swamp People family finishes out another perfect season.

Meanwhile, ‘Swamp People’ Daniel Edgar’s Season Comes to a Dead Stop

While the Landry family celebrated their victory, fellow Swamp People star Daniel Edgar and his partner, Big T, find themselves facing a season-ending obstacle.

As the two traveled through Biloxi Marsh, the boat’s motor sputtered and came to a full stop. Despite giving the key a few turns, the fuel pump wouldn’t work. If Edgar couldn’t come up with a solution, the two would have to call in for a tow and have to return what’s left of their tags.

But, Edgar wasn’t willing to throw in the towel just yet.

“We are going to tag out, one way or another,” the Swamp People star said confidently.

Sure enough, the hunter jerry-rigged a fix by splicing a few spare wires together and connecting the fuel pump directly to the battery. And just like that, the two were back in business.

But now, they had spent several hours on the repair, and they needed to move twice as quickly to finish their eight remaining tags.

Just as all the Swamp People, an obstacle only made the duo work harder. As they continued through the marsh, picking up their lines, they found gator after gator on the other end.

Finally, they finished up their season with a massive reptile, closing the book on another legendary season.