‘SWAT’ Is Airing at a New Time Tonight: Here’s How to Watch

by Shelby Scott

Sadly the holidays and, correspondingly, our holiday breaks have come to an end. However, we do have one thing to look forward to in 2022. Just prior to holiday celebrations, procedural crime dramas across television aired their midseason finales. That said, it’s been weeks since Outsiders have been able to tune in to new episodes of their favorite shows. Now, however, those series have begun to return and among them is CBS‘s hit cop drama, “SWAT.”

However, tonight the latest episode airs at a brand new time slot. and we have all the details on how and when to watch.

First of all, know that, among the already growing number of changes, adjustments, and transitions that have presented themselves in 2022, “SWAT” airs on Sunday nights, rather than Friday nights. According to TVLine, Outsiders can catch the latest episode then tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

That said, hopefully, the new time slot allows “SWAT” fans more opportunity to catch all-new episodes. Previously, we touched on the hit series’ streaming options, and, unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot available.

Besides its standard airing time on CBS each week, “SWAT” is available on Hulu+ and Paramount+ as well as Netflix. However, even then, only certain seasons remain accessible and fans need to know why.

As for Netflix, a UK fan wonders when seasons four and five will feature on the streaming service. Meanwhile, back in the states, others are wondering why the series only has three of its five seasons available. Overall, our favorite streaming networks are not receiving the love they surely crave from “SWAT” fans.

What to Expect From ‘SWAT’s” Newest Episode

No matter how you typically watch “SWAT,” the newest episode of the procedural drama features a dynamic storyline.

According to the episode synopsis, “When Deacon enlists Chris’ help on an off-duty private security detail, they struggle to survive when they’re attacked by a drug cartel looking to kidnap their wealthy VIP client.”

Apparently, the cartel theme will remain a prominent one as “SWAT” returns to screens. The last new episode, saw our crew dealing with an abduction involving an undocumented immigrant and a dangerous Honduras drug cartel.

Now, as we prepare for “SWAT’s” return, we also have some previews for you ahead of the next brand new episode. This too will air next Sunday at its new time slot.

Episode 10 of Season 5 of “SWAT,” “Three Guns,” also promises a dramatic plot. It covers both the arrest of a homeless veteran and a whole armory of high-powered weapons.

In it, “SWAT” teams up with the DEA to search for stolen rocket launchers. As we know from the synopsis, they were smuggled into the city of Los Angeles. Simultaneously, Leroy has Hondo looking into the arrest of the homeless veteran as a favor and we can only begin to wonder why.

As always, we can expect a handful of underlying subplots although the next two brand new episodes will surely be jam-packed with excitement and suspense alike.