‘SWAT’: Check Out an All-New Preview Showing Squad Having ‘Target on Their Back’

by Anna Dunn

A brand new preview for the next episode of SWAT shows that the squad has a target on the back.

20 Squad has a target on their backs — It’s all going down SUNDAY. #SWAT,” the Instagram account for the show wrote.

The clip may only be seconds in length, but a lot happens. We see the team find a store of illegal weapons and note that anyone could be a target with weapons like these. Then we see an explosion, and a look at a very worried Hondo as someone else shouts “Major down!”

It definitely looks like an intense episode, but

“Can’t wait until tomorrow night! Looks intense,” one fan wrote.

“I really look forward to watching 20 squad every week,” another fan noted.

The official synopsis for the episode released by CBS definitely makes it look worth the watch.

“The S.W.A.T. team partners with the DEA to locate stolen rocket launchers smuggled into Los Angeles, high-power weapons with new technology capable of cutting through armored tanks,” the synopsis says.

The episode will also have a lot to cover on the personal relationships front.

“Also, a personal issue for Tan arises when a colleague is hurt in the field; Hondo’s inquiry into the arrest of a homeless veteran for Leroy (Michael Beach), Darryl’s father, sparks an idea for a new policing initiative; and Luca suspects the mother of his mentee, Kelly (Angelica Scarlet Johnson), wants to date him,” the synopsis continues.

‘SWAT’ Hit a Ratings Low in the Sunday Slot Debut

One fan is a bit confused about why the show is airing on Sundays now instead of Fridays. It’s a question a lot of fans have at the moment. The show was airing on Fridays this season but switched mid-season to a Sunday night time slot instead.

“Why did it switch from Friday to Sunday, I wonder?” the fan wrote.

Why CBS chose to move timeslots is unclear. But the decision is risky. Switching time slots in the middle of a season typically hurts the ratings. What we do know is that SWAT has filled the timeslot SEAL Team left behind when it made the move to Paramount +.

Unfortunately, it looks like that timeslot move was pretty risky, as SWAT hit a ratings low its first time in the timeslot. Hopefully, more and more fans will become aware that the show no longer airs new episodes on Fridays and last Sunday saw the worst of it.

The show only pulled in 3.7 million viewers and scored a 0.4 demo rating. It’s also airing in a slot hours later than its Friday slot was, creating more trouble.

If you want to catch up on SWAT, the first three seasons are available on Hulu. And if you want to watch it when it comes out, take care to remember that it airs SUNDAYS at 10/9 central.