‘SWAT’ Star David Lim ‘Never Wanted To’ Become an Actor

by Leanne Stahulak

Although he appeared in numerous TV shows and films over the last decade, “SWAT” star David Lim never thought about becoming an actor earlier on in life.

Lim hopped around between a couple of career paths before landing on acting, according to an interview he did with Tell-Tale TV back in 2017. It never even crossed his mind to pursue that path back in the early 2000s.

“I never wanted to be an actor. I don’t come from a family of artists or entertainers,” Lim explained. He said he “went to college and studied electrical engineering. And so when I graduated, I kind of realized I wasn’t cut out for it, or that it wasn’t really what I wanted to do.”

Instead, the “SWAT” star turned to the “mortgage industry” and got a real estate license.

“I was working there for two to three years. I liked my job, I was making good money,” Lim continued. HE claimed he “thought I was going to work my way up the corporate ladder.”

But Lim really experienced a “quarter-life crisis-type-thing” in his 20s. This completely shifted the direction of his career.

“I felt like I was meant to do something else. And I was kind of bored at my job. I was just looking for another profession or something else to do for work,” Lim admitted. This eventually led to him pursuing acting on shows like “SWAT.”

“I’ve always been interested in acting and modeling. But I don’t come from a family of artists and actors. So I had no clue how to go about this and get into it,” Lim said. “Like anyone, I just kind of went to the internet, to Google, and typed in ‘How to Become an Actor,’ I looked up some acting classes, looked up how to get an agent, sent some photos out.”

‘SWAT’ Star David Lim Talks about Feeling ‘Behind’ After Becoming an Actor

After his internet search, “SWAT” star David Lim quickly found his way into the industry. In a short span of time, Lim moved to Los Angeles, enrolled in acting class, and signed with an agent.

“That’s when I really fell in love with the craft. But I felt like I was so behind the eight ball,” Lim said. Understandable, considering he switched around the trajectory of his life at the last minute to pursue this career path.

“I thought, ‘Well, I’ve got people who have been doing this for years. I have to study my behind off and catch up,’” Lim continued. “So, I just worked really hard and studied as much as I could. I was always in class and working on scenes. And I just came to a point where I thought ‘This is really cool, I love this, and I would love to do this as a profession if I can make money at it.'”

Now here he is, several years later, on one of CBS’ most successful police procedurals.