‘SWAT’: Everything to Know About Hondo’s Rival, Team Leader Sanchez

by Joe Rutland

Now that Hondo is battling to get back to normal in Season 5, let’s focus on getting to know “SWAT” team leader Rodrigo Sanchez.

The character in the CBS drama is played by David DeSantos. Don’t expect Daniel “Hondo” Henderson, played by Shemar Moore, to be having drinks with the dude anytime soon. Hondo said Sanchez is “arrogant, self-centered, and always wants the credit.”

Oof! There’s going to be some trouble brewing ahead, Outsiders. An article from Distractify brings more of this character into focus.

‘SWAT’ Added DeSantos’ Character Sanchez After Hondo Spoke Out on Racism

“SWAT” added Sanchez’s character after we find Hondo getting demoted in Season 4. Why? Because he spoke out against racism in the Los Angeles Police Department.

You can guarantee that Hondo and Sanchez will have, shall we say, a moment or two during this power shift.

What about DeSantos the actor? Well, Outsiders, the guy has more than 50 acting credits.

He’s played law enforcement-type roles on “The Rookie,” “SEAL Team,” and “Animal Kingdom.” Other shows that DeSantis has an acting credit from include “General Hospital” and “Roswell, New Mexico.”

There’s not a whole lot of information available for the “SWAT” actor.

We do know that he’s in a relationship with writer and film executive Meredith Littas.

“I can’t imagine my life without you anymore … Thank you for making me laugh daily and for coming into my life exactly when it was time,” he wrote about his partner. Sanchez jokingly adds, “and for showing me that words like ‘aesthetician’ are weird.”

OK, “SWAT” fans. Keep an eye out for what happens between these two characters.

Shemar Moore Talked About How Show Is Passionate About ‘Giving’ To Fans

Shemar Moore is not a new face to TV viewers. He had a successful run on CBS’s “Criminal Minds” before joining up with “SWAT.”

Yet there is something special the actor noted about his current show.

In an interview with CBS New York, Moore said “SWAT” is “trying to stay woke and relevant, giving you a thrill ride. Giving you something that can make you think or move you. Giving people, my fans on social media.”

He’s also proud of the fact that SONY and CBS let them as a cast do their thing.

“We’re in a particular show that can only tell the stories that we’re telling because of the way we’re set up,” Moore said. “We literally are LAPD SWAT.”

In the meantime, viewers of the show can expect to be both entertained and informed.

“You’re going to be given different perspectives from different generations,” Moore said. He also made it clear that he does not care what color skin the viewer has on Friday nights.