‘SWAT’ Fans Sound Off After Shemar Moore’s Latest Teaser

by Taylor Cunningham

SWAT is back with an all-new episode tonight, and Shemar Moore posted some teaser pics on social media. Judging by the comments, fans are pumped to see what’s in store for the team this week.

It’s been two weeks since fans watched a new episode of CBS’s SWAT. But tonight, everyone will finally get to see Shemar Moore back on screen with a new mysterious case. In the episode titled West Coast Offense, the team responds to an invasion at an NFL quarterback’s home. While they’re investigating the break-in, they uncover a plot to murder the football player. And Hicks also gets a lead on a cold case he worked on 20 years ago.

Ahead of tonight’s show, SWAT star Shemar Moore posted a few pictures from the episode on Instagram. After all our years watching the team on-screen, we’ve come to expect a certain level of intensity each week. And Shemar’s new photos allude to even more action than normal. Just look below and see for yourself.

“All new @swatcbs goes down TONIGHT 8/7c ….. LET’S GO!!!!!!,” the actor captioned. In the photos, Shemar’s Hondo and a few other SWAT members patrol an indoor training field with guest star Quincy Chad. And Hondo has his gun pulled as he tracks the would be killer.

Fans Weighed in on the Return of ‘SWAT’

As soon as Shemar Moore’s photos hit Instagram, his followers immediately started commenting. And they’re thrilled to get back into the series after the short fall hiatus. It’s not common for a series to take a break so early in the season. But the tactic definitely built some anticipation.

“I can’t wait. 2 weeks was too long without the best cast and crew,”Jennifertotodinsmore commented. And she’s right. Friday’s were boring without SWAT.

“I’m ready bro I’m ready,” wrote luckykrytus. And he wasn’t the only person to say that. Hundreds of fans also responded with an overwhelming amount of fire and heart emojis. So, we’re guessing a lot of people are ready for tonight’s episode.

“I can’t wait,” commented another follower. “know it will be a fantastic episode tonight @shemarfmoore’ wrote another.

People also noticed that SWAT keeps getting better. And the new season has earned the series a new legion of loyal fans.

“This is my new favourite show! Watching it as I type!” lelli.xo wrote.

And of course, some people are still sour about Hondo’s demotion. They want someone to fire the new squad leader, and they made sure to tell Shemar that Hondo is the rightful leader of team 20.

Sanchez better be gone after this episode,” one fan wrote. And we all echo his sentiment.