‘SWAT’ Goes Undercover in Fall Finale

by Chase Thomas

Can you believe it, Outsiders? It’s already time for our Fall finale for the hit CBS show SWAT. Yes, the Fall Finale of the program will take place this Friday at 8:00 PM EST. However, this will be the last time the show airs on Fridays as it moves to Sundays in the new year.

The Fall Finale figures to be full of action as the preview indicates at least one member of the team will be going undercover for the episode. The action also figures to follow.

The tweet read, “Chris was born ready 💥 The FALL FINALE of #SWAT airs this Friday at 8/7c before it moves to Sunday’s on January 2nd. You in?”

Alex Russell on SWAT

One of the more interesting new characters on SWAT is Alex Russell. In a recent interview, he opened up about his interesting character Odie and everything that went into becoming a team member on the show and how seriously the show takes being accurate when it comes to depicting the real-life SWAT teams.

He said of his role, “Then, I was very blessed because there’s conflict for everyone, but I have a very fun, showy role.” It’s a show where it’s an equal opportunity deal.

He continued, “On one hand, when a character is so larger-than-life and likeable and cool on the page, there’s a lot of responsibility and pressure that comes with that. But it’s also a real gift. I recognized that when I was reading that. Those things felt compelling enough to me to be like, ‘You know what? I could do this for nine months of the year and be very happy.’ And I have been.” Clearly, Russell found his niche on the show, especially when you consider he says that he was not sure if he even wanted to do network television before signing onto the role. It just worked and he hasn’t looked back.

Bringing in Real ‘SWAT’

Another reason SWAT has been so successful on CBS has been its commitment to keeping things accurate to how things work. You need guys like Odie, an advisor for the show, to fill in the cracks and ensure everything looks right for believability.

Russell continued, “Odie is San Diego S.W.A.T. and he did protective work for the mayor of San Diego.” Big time work in the past with al kinds of experience.

He concluded, “He was in S.W.A.T. for decades. He keeps us from looking bad. By late season two, season three, the further on in the show that we got, he felt like a proud dad. He will see us fix things before he even needs to step in. Any time that we have anything tactile, I feel kinda naked if we don’t have Odie there now.”

You can watch SWAT on CBS on Fridays at 8 EST.