‘SWAT’: Hondo Looks Into the Arrest of Homeless Vet in Upcoming Episode

by Amanda Glover

Hey SWAT fans! The good news, your favorite CBS action/drama is coming back for an all-new season tomorrow night at 10:00 pm EST. Plus, fans get to see Hondo mesmerize them on screen.

Tomorrow’s episode, Season 5 Episode 9, is titled, “Survive.”

In this episode, Deacon enlists the help of Chris with an off-duty private security detail. They struggle to survive when attacked by a drug cartel looking to kidnap their wealthy VIP client. The episode is available to watch on CBS tomorrow night on television, as well as to stream life and on-demand on Paramount+.

The next episode is titled “Three Guns.”

In Season 5 Episode 10, the SWAT team partners with the DEA to find stolen rocket launchers smuggled into Los Angeles. These are high-power weapons with new technology with the power to cutting through armored tanks. On top of that, Tan deals with a personal issue when a colleague is injured in the field. Also, Hondo looks into the arrest of a homeless veteran as a favor to Leroy. Darryl’s father discusses an idea for a new policing idea. Luca suspects the mother of a new mentee wants to go out with him.

Although “Three Guns” hasn’t aired yet, we can only wonder what will come of Hondo and the case. Why was this veteran arrested? How did he end up homeless? Why does Leroy need Hondo to look into the veteran’s arrest?

Sorry fans. But all we can do is patiently wait.

How Much Do Hondo Fans Miss Derek Morgan?

It’s no secret that this isn’t Shemar Moore’s first time acting in an action-packed crime drama. Before he was running around in a heavy SWATs Team outfit, he was chasing serial killers in bullet-proof vests and profiling psychopaths in Criminal Minds.

Were we upset by his departure from the show? Absolutely! Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan was dependable, loyal, and all-around a pleasure to look at. The guy was on the show for eleven seasons before making the tough decision to move on to different projects. Thankfully, the writers of Criminal Minds did not kill him off the show but gave him a kind departure as he became a stay-at-home husband and father. Derek knew his job came with frightening risks and did not want his son to risk losing his father like Derek lost his.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, Moore discusses his departure from the show and his new amount of free time. “It’s a weird experience. I just spent 11 years with a group of people, and it’s a weird thing to walk away from — but I did it on my terms and in the right way.”

Well, it was pretty weird for us too. But, we’re glad Moore has been able to return to television in a new way.