‘S.W.A.T.’: How Did the Season 5 Winter Premiere Fare in a New Time Slot?

by Anna Dunn

S.W.A.T. has moved to a new tim eslot. So how did it do during its first time in the new Sunday night space?

Unfortunately, it looks like, as is the case with a lot of shows that move slots, S.W.A.T. struggled a bit in the ratings on Sunday night. It looks like fans of the show are having trouble keeping up with the schedule switch. The show used to air on Wednesday nights.

Then, it was moved to Friday nights and the ratings dipped a bit. But shortly after the move to Friday nights, S.W.A.T. got moved again to Sundays where it is now. Moving timeslots so much definitely hurts. And it looks like the show is feeling that hurt.

The S.W.A.T. mid-season premiere debuted on Sunday, January 2 was not a big success at all. It pulled in 3.67 million viewers at that 10 pm ET slot. It’s two hours later than their Friday slot. And it’s also not looking good for them in the demo. The newest episode of S.W.A.T. got a .4 demo rating. Both of these numbers are significantly lower than the numbers they gained in that Friday slot.

Its lead-in shows, The Equalizer, and NCIS: Los Angeles, don’t seem to have done much to boost the show in the ratings.

This doesn’t spell the end for S.W.A.T., however. There are a couple of things working in the show’s favor. First, these numbers are still better than what the show was pulling during the last episodes that aired in that Wednesday slot. Second, the ratings could easily improve once football is over.

The show did pull better numbers than a competitive show, ABC’s The Rookie on NBC

The Next Episode of S.W.A.T Will See a Lot of Personal Drama Unfold

Maybe S.W.A.T. could use a bit of drama to boost it back up in the ratings. And that’s exactly what it’s giving us for next week’s episode airing in that Sunday slot.

According to the synopsis, the episode sees that”The S.W.A.T. team partners with the DEA to locate stolen rocket launchers smuggled into Los Angeles, high-power weapons with new technology capable of cutting through armored tanks.”

But that’s not all, because it’s going to get personal for a lot of the S.W.A.T. team members.

“Also, a personal issue for Tan arises when a colleague is hurt in the field; Hondo’s inquiry into the arrest of a homeless veteran for Leroy (Michael Beach), Darryl’s father, sparks an idea for a new policing initiative; and Luca suspects the mother of his mentee, Kelly (Angelica Scarlet Johnson), wants to date him,” the synopsis also says.

With plenty of drama and multiple people coming back to guest star, the next episode of S.W.A.T won’t be one fans want to miss. Just… remember it’s on Sundays this time.