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‘SWAT’ Is ‘Patiently Waiting’ to Air: Here’s When the Show Returns From Olympic Break

by Jacklyn Krol
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

SWAT is just waiting to return to television after its Olympic hiatus.

Because of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the major television networks put their original shows on pause to air news content surrounding the international event. The official games take place from Friday, February 4, 2022, through Sunday, February 20, 2022.

So when does SWAT return with a new episode? The answer is February 27.

The most recent episode is entitled “Old School Cool” and aired on January 23rd.

“Hondo and the team race to locate the hacker responsible for accessing LAPD’s computers and revealing the identities of undercover officers before the leaked intelligence has fatal consequences. Also, Street is forced to reckon with past misdeeds,” the official description read.

The one thing we can count on is the show’s true storytelling nature. In an November 2020 interview with CBS New York, Shemar Moore spoke about how important accuracy is to him and the series.

“We literally are LAPD SWAT. We are these super cops but we also represent the men and women in real life that there’s a lot of controversy around which we’re trying to give you the optimistic approach to the humanity of these men and women that fight for our lives every day,” Shemar Moore explained.

Their goal is to not only entertain their loyal fanbase but also educate them about the job.

“We’re just trying to show you the good, trying to help people believe in the good. And then just have a really good time. That’s what’s about to open up,” Moore concluded.

‘SWAT’ and It’s Accuracy

SWAT brings to life the brave men and women who serve on real SWAT teams.

David Lim spoke to TellTaleTV back in 2017 about why the show works with law enforcement so much. They take everything that the advisors say and bring it to life as best as they can.

“We worked really hard, and we had some great SWAT officers who really guided us,” Lim said. “[They] helped us get to where we are and we’re still learning.”

The real officers have been on the force for up to thirty years. They are as big of a part of the show as the cast and crew are.

“But it’s something that’s really important to us. We’re always paying real close attention and working with these officers,” he continued. “We’re kind of honoring the guys who do this for real. By making it as real as possible.”

When there is a stunt involved that is tactical or something even somewhat dangerous, real officers are on set to help out.

Anytime that there is something tactical or dangerous involved, real SWAT officers come to the set.

He called his job on the show, “A thrill ride with heart”.

“I was in New York at the time,” Lim recalled about his audition for the show. “And I had just finished filming with Quantico. And I got an appointment to come in and read for SWAT.” He ended up reading for two different characters. The following day he moved back home to Los Angeles and got the call that he was cast.