‘SWAT’ Stars Shemar Moore and David Bradley Lim are Back on the Grind in New Pics

by Leanne Stahulak

When the “SWAT” stars aren’t kicking ass on set, they like to hang out in their free time enjoying one of America’s most beloved pastimes: Cornhole.

That’s right, Outsiders. The cast even has an official cornhole team, which competes in leagues and tournaments like the one from last night. Hondo actor Shemar Moore posted a pic from last night’s league game to his Instagram account earlier. In the pic, we see fellow “SWAT” co-star David Lim, who plays Victor Tan on the show.

“@swatcornhole representing tonight with the homie @hunter_thorne117 in the house,” Moore captioned the post. In the pic, we see Moore and Lim rocking very official-looking SWAT Cornhole jerseys. They’re joined by Hunter Thorne, a hardcore cornhole player.

Moore hasn’t posted much about the show’s cornhole league since the Season 5 premiere on Oct. 1. It makes sense that the star wants to use his platform to promote the show right when it’s kicking off. But it’s also fun to see the cast get up to some shenanigans and grow closer off-set.

In a clip from a New York Post article, Lim talked about joining the American Cornhole League with his fellow cast members. “Cornhole became an obsession over the pandemic. I love watching. I love playing even more,” he said. You can check out the clipping in this Instagram post shared by the SWAT Cornhole team’s page.

The bio for the cornhole team reads, “Chasing bad guys by day, slinging bean bags by night. Just a few guys from the hit show @swatcbs who love to play cornhole!” And we love to see them get so invested in the sport, balancing their work/social life with ease.

‘SWAT’ Fans Suspicious of New Squad Leader

Tonight, a new episode drops of the hit CBS show. Hondo’s still demoted, but the team seems to support him more than their new squad leader, Rodrigo Sanchez. From the looks of it, Hondo and Sanchez will be going toe to toe for a while until the team adjusts to the new leadership.

The official “SWAT” Twitter page posted a photo of Sanchez earlier this week to get fans’ input on him. And a good majority of them confirmed that they don’t trust him.

“I don’t like him at all, he has a secret agenda and is trying to get Hondo to quit. I hate the Department for putting Sanchez there in the first place. They’re taking this too far,” one fan commented.

“The *character has gotta go, the actor playing the part does a good job of making us hate his character!!! Please bring back Hondo soon as team leader!!” another fan said.

Someone else replied to the above tweet that “Dude is about to be the most hated guy on CBS!” And the actor himself, David De Santos, replied, “Bring it.” Ominous much?

Tune in to CBS tonight at 8 p.m. EST to watch “SWAT.”