‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore Delivers an Intimidating Glare in New Teaser

by Shelby Scott

It’s Monday and that means the start of a new work week for Outsiders and “SWAT” star Shemar Moore alike. Captioning his latest Instagram post as such, the actor delivers an intimidating glare with the sun framing his muscled and well-protected torso.

As one of the “SWAT” team’s most admired cast members, fans, as always, took to the comments to share their love. Most comments feature a collection of fire, heart, and heart-eyed emojis. However, occasionally, some “SWAT” fans took a moment to share an insightful comment or two.

“[F]ine asf,” responded one of Shemar Moore’s followers, while another simply wrote, “Loml,” which, if you need it, translates to “Love of my life.”

Still other “SWAT” fans spoke of their excitement for the latest episode. Based on Moore’s post, we can possibly expect the promise of a sunset showdown.

As for the recipient of that glare, we can’t wait to find out who it is. Tune in to action-packed brand new episodes of “SWAT” every Friday at 8 p.m. over on CBS.

Shemar Moore Navigates His First Celebrity Death Hoax

As arguably “SWAT’s” most iconic character, “Hondo” actor Shemar Moore possesses an onslaught of devoted and starry-eyes fans. And with that comes a host of potential strange experiences and milestones.

Most recently, the “SWAT” star saw himself navigating his very first death hoax which, while comical, often causes a major stir in the media.

An ill-intentioned Tumblr ad instigated the rumors, with a straightforward and blunt headline reading, “Remember Him? Well, He Died.” The ridiculous post is followed by a subhead reading, “22 Celebrities Who Died & You Didn’t Even Notice.”

“SWAT” and Shemar Moore fans in general alike pointed to the absolute ridiculousness of the post, as a year later, the iconic actor appears to be alive and well. Perhaps the reason we didn’t notice Moore’s death is that he is in fact quite alive.

Regardless, comments were humorous and to see a collection of them, read on here.

Additionally, what makes the claim even more ridiculous is that the “SWAT” star posts a new photo or announcement to Instagram multiple times a week. Some days, we see posts come several days in a row.

Nevertheless, the Internet is a strange place and we’re sure this won’t be the last comical celebrity death hoax we come across.

‘SWAT’ Has Advice for Navigating Relationship Troubles

While Shemar Moore’s death hoax has surfaced online, current episodes of the hit show see one of our favorite characters navigating pretty troublesome relationship problems.

You can check out the full clip here, but essentially, Tan shares his recent relationship struggles with his colleagues. He tells them of the situation to which Jim Street states the “SWAT” character should, “actively listen, and work to deactivate her negative feelings.” Sound advice for relationship problems, though it’s interesting to learn it comes from one of “SWAT’s” male characters.

Soon enough, we learn the knowledge comes from the team’s hostage negotiation courses. While the situations are entirely different, I suppose you could use the same methods for both.