‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore’s Latest Corn Hole Video is Absolutely Glorious

by Matthew Memrick

Well, “SWAT” stars Shemar Moore stepped it up a notch with his latest cornhole video, and the backdrop is, well, absolutely glorious.

Moore, along with co-star and friend David Lim, showed off their new cornhole set up in an Instagram video. Moore called his SWAT Cornhole team’s digs “Airmail City.” Moore tagged his team and the American Cornhole League on Twitter.

The video shows both men about to toss their bags, and then it cuts to a personalized mural backdrop painted with the words “Airmail City. Where Legends Are Born.”

The term Airmail is a popular one among cornhole players. Airmailing a bag means you threw the bag straight in the hole and never touched the board.

Over 23,000 fans saw the video by early Monday evening. The ladies loved Moore and his trademark hat while one Instagram fan named Michelle Willison complimented Moore’s set up. 

“Looks like the mural is done,” she said. “Now we are waiting for our invite 😉”

‘SWAT’ Star Moore’s Team Fares Well At Tourney

If you’ve seen Shemar Moore compete against a cornhole team in videos, you know that he takes the game very seriously, and he’s really good at what he does. The actor-slash-budding cornhole star has airmailed more than a few bags in his short time as a player.

Two weeks ago, the SWAT cornhole team took second place in a Santa Clarita cornhole tournament. Cinemablend reported that the team competed and finished high among 26 teams. Technical advisor Odie Gallop was also part of the team.

The 51-year-old Moore even used the hashtag #noturningbacknow to indicate he was all in on the sport. Maybe that means cornhole will become a significant story plotline on an upcoming “SWAT” episode? We can only hope.

‘SWAT’ Star Still Proud Of His Show

Now back to the TV show. Currently, it’s on hiatus, but it’ll be back next week. The episode titled “Keep the Faith” will be broadcast on Dec. 3. An early plot summary has Moore’s Hondo back as the leader, and his team catches a dangerous case with the Russian mob and a large cash stockpile. Hondo will also open up about a painful time in his past. 

Back in 2020, Moore said he loved working with the cop drama and kept an optimism that the show would keep getting better and better.

“I’m just proud to be able to do what I love to do. I’m grateful to SONY and CBS for giving us a platform to do our thing. We’re in a particular show that can only tell the stories that we’re telling because of the way we’re setup,” the actor also said.

Moore said these stories had a two-fold purpose, with the second as a way to “educate” its viewers. His show tries to show the good and help people believe in the good. Ultimately, the star wants people to end each episode having had “a really good time.”