‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore Makes Fans Smile with Wholesome New Post

by Lauren Boisvert

Shemar Moore is back with a wholesome post from the “SWAT” set. He recently posted a photo on Instagram of himself and co-star David Lim, who plays Officer Victor Tan. Together, they sit stop boxes in what looks like a shipping container. A clue to the next episode, maybe?

“Enjoy the weekend SWAT FAM,” Moore captioned the photo. The comments section is flooded with fans wishing Moore a good weekend as well. The “SWAT” Fam is patiently awaiting episode 6 of season 5, with wholesome posts from their star to keep them satisfied for the time being.

‘SWAT’: What’s Been Going On Lately

Ending season 4 on a low note, Shemar Moore’s Hondo found himself demoted on his team due to speaking out about racism in the department. This story choice definitely mirrors America’s current political climate, and seems deliberate to create more conflict within Hondo’s character.

Because not only did they demote him, it turns out, the department brought in a new guy to take his job. Rodrigo Sanchez wants nothing more than to strip Hondo of his badge for good. This isn’t Hondo’s first strike, either; the SWAT team works on a three-strike system. One more and Hondo will stand trial and lose his badge. Just like Sanchez wants. Fans can expect Sanchez to be watching Hondo extremely closely, waiting for him to mess up again.

Hondo described Sanchez as “arrogant, self-centered, and always wants the credit.” So, the writers have most likely brought in this new character to cause a stir on the team, and show them how good they had it under Hondo. I predict someone catching Sanchez setting Hondo up to fail, and Sanchez eventually leaving the team. Hondo gets his job back, and the team is right again. Just a thought, though. We’ll have to see how the whole thing unfolds on Fridays to learn more.

Shemar Moore Talks About What’s Good for the Story

In an interview with Brief Take, Shemar Moore explained his feelings about the change in leadership and Hondo’s demotion. “It’s interesting […] it’s tough. It’s tough for Hondo and it’s interesting for me, Shemar,” Moore started.

Regarding the change on the show–Sanchez as team leader–Moore explained, “So, here I find myself, like wait – I’m used to being the guy. I’m used to being the guy in control […] and you know what, I don’t have an ego like that – like wait … they hired another actor to do my job.” He went on to comment on the benefit that change has for the story, saying, “As long as it’s good for the show and it’s good for the story, and, you know, it’s interesting conflict.”