‘SWAT’ Star David Lim Compares Show to Another Hit Series

by Matthew Memrick

Longtime “SWAT” star David Lim said his time on the ABC show “Quantico” helped get him fit nicely into his current show role.

“(Quantico) gave me exposure to the industry and an opportunity to showcase what I could do with a challenging role,” Lim told Augustman Magazine recently.

The 38-year-old Lim said while he was on the show for one season, it was his first significant stint on primetime television. The experience helped him learn how to become an acting professional while getting experience working with other actors. All in all, Lim said the show, starring Priyanka Chopra, set him up for his long run with “SWAT.” 

Long before that, Lim was working in commercials for Bud Light, McDonald’s, and Apple and minor roles on shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Super Girl.”

Lim And A Cornhole Show?

During the pandemic, Lim and “SWAT” Shemar Moore have fallen in love with cornhole, and the game has taken over throughout the show’s five-year production.  

Lim told Entertainment Tonight he had no idea how their interest grew, but they’re all about it now. The two, along with the American Cornhole League, have even partnered up for some things.

Moore’s even having games and set up a league at his mansion. Lim said he plays every week and built up his skills that they’re pretty good players.

The actors take the game very seriously now. Lim’s said he’s got some future directing plans, and the game may fall into them. The actor said he’d love to produce some unscripted shows about cornhole.

A Special ‘SWAT’ Cohesion

Lim has talked about “SWAT” cornhole games in the past, saying that more than just actors have participated in their informal cornhole league. 

Other behind-the-scenes people have jumped into the fun, and it goes to show how big of a show family there is.

Lim told the magazine that “SWAT” is a particular group with great chemistry. He thinks fans pick up on that and the “family feel” when they watch the show. He loves coming to work every day with “super-talented” people, and their “experience is a blessing.”

He’s even gone as far as to say that “SWAT” has really been a dream job for him. 

A Movie For The ‘SWAT’ Star?

Lim told the magazine he’s up for another “SWAT”-like role but on the big screen.

It could be like a spy thriller a la “Bourne Identity” or James Bond-like role because he likes to stick with the action and big stunts he’s been doing on the CBS show.

Lim said he loves “edge-of-your-seat excitement,” and he’s willing to work hard and believe in himself to get there.