‘SWAT’ Star David Lim Says He Bonded With Shemar Moore Over This Party Game

by Lauren Boisvert

David Lim, who plays Victor Tan on “SWAT,” told AugustMan recently about his hope for future projects, one of which involved a game he and co-star Shemar Moore play regularly.

Lim wants to make an unscripted show about cornhole. “Yes, cornhole,” Lim said. He continued, “Shemar Moore and I fell in love with the game over the pandemic and met some amazing people because of it. We play every week, and we’ve actually gotten pretty good!”

Cheers to David Lim and Shemar Moore for their cornhole prowess. Looking forward to that cornhole series in the future.

David Lim On What It’s Like to Play a Completely Original Character on a Rebooted Show

David Lim didn’t have a blueprint when he started on “SWAT.” The show is rebooted from the 1975 series of the same name, and most of the characters are taken from the series. But Victor Tan was written specifically for Lim, so he had to put a lot of himself into the character.

“I looked at it as a blank canvas,” he said. “I wanted to bring a lot of myself to the character because that’s what got me the part in the first place.” Lim said that he “felt a large responsibility because bringing an Asian American action hero to the screen just doesn’t happen often.”

But, it’s safe to say, David Lim has done it exceptionally well. “I wanted to lean away from any stereotypes and break the mold when it comes to Asian male representation on television,” Lim said. “I think we’ve done that with Victor Tan. I’m really proud of the stories we’ve told, from his life on the job to his personal life at home. It’s an important character, and we’ll continue to learn more about him in Season 5.”

What’s Happening on ‘SWAT’: Hondo’s Job in Jeopardy

Things have really been kicking up on “SWAT” since Hondo’s demotion at the end of season 4. So far, there’s a new team leader, Rodrigo Sanchez, who wants to bring Hondo down. He’s looking for him to make a mistake so he can give him another strike, possibly taking him to court, stripping him of his badge.

At least Hondo’s team is behind him on things; they’ve started to realize what Sanchez is up and are rallying behind their former leader to support him.

Shemar Moore spoke about Hondo’s demotion and revealed that he thinks it’s good for the show. “I’m used to being the guy in control,” he told Brief Take, “and you know what, I don’t have an ego like that – like wait … they hired another actor to do my job? As long as it’s good for the show and it’s good for the story […] you know, it’s interesting conflict.”