‘SWAT’ Star David Lim Says He’s Never Seen the Original Series

by Samantha Whidden

He may star on the reboot series SWAT, but David Lim has admitted that he has never watched any of the original show’s episodes before.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually seen the original series,” the SWAT star declared during his recent interview with AugustMan. “Outside of the opening credits and theme song.”

Although he hasn’t watched the original SWAT, Lim has seen the movie and loves it. “With our show, I think we’ve done a great job creating our own version of SWAT different than the original series and movie. Staying true to the action and badass-ness of SWAT., but focusing on things that are happening in our world today.”

The SWAT castmate then opened up about bringing his character Victor to life. “Since the role was created at the 11th hour with no real back story or reference point, I looked at it as a blank canvas,” Lim explained. He also said he wanted to bring a lot of himself to the character because that’s what got him the part to begin with. 

“I felt a large responsibility,” Lim continued. “Because bringing an Asian American action hero to the screen just doesn’t happen often.”

David Lim Shares More Details About the ’SWAT’ Set & Crew

While also chatting with AugustMan, David Lim talks about the atmosphere of the SWAT set and working alongside the co-stars and crew. “We have a special group. We have great chemistry. It comes across on screen,” Lim shared. He also said that the chemistry is one of the reasons why people love the show. 

“It’s fun to come to work every day and getting to work with super talented and experienced people is a blessing,” the SWAT star goes on to say. “I’ve learned so much and really grown as an actor these past few years. SWAT really has been a dream job.”

When asked what else is working on besides SWAT, Lim said he wants to continue to do great projects and work alongside talented people. “I’d love to direct something one day. And I want to produce unscripted shows about cornhole. Yes, cornhole.”

While reflecting on cornhole, Lim said that he and his SWAT co-star Shemar Moore fell in love with the game during the global health crisis. “[We] met some amazing people because of it. We play every week. And we’ve actually gotten pretty good!”

In regards to what his dream role would be, Lim said it would be something similar to his SWAT role but for the big screen. “Like a Bourne Identity or James Bond type of role. I love action. I love big stunts. I love that edge-of-your-seat excitement.”