‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore Death Hoax Surfaces Online

by Chris Haney

The internet can be a strange place sometimes, especially when it comes to celebrity death rumors that gain steam and take on a life of their own. SWAT star Shemar Moore can now add his name to the long list of celebrity death hoaxes that have circulated online over the years.

The strangest part of the rumor is that Moore is currently starring on the CBS drama and often posts on Instagram. Yet a random advertisement on the social network Tumblr has attempted to convince people otherwise. In fact, screenshots on Twitter dating back to last year show the ad claiming the former Criminal Minds star passed away.

Specifically, the misleading advertisement is from a site called “GameOfGlam.” The site preys on internet users in an attempt to get them to click on the deceptive headline, “Remember Him? Well, He Died.” It’s clickbait at its worst.

The photo on the link is of the SWAT star from his early acting days in the 1990s. It’s from his time on the soap opera The Young and The Restless alongside co-star Michelle Thomas. In 1998, the 30-year-old actress died after battling a rare form of cancer. The clickbait article is a despicable way of trying to bring in ad revenue for the company.

Fans Still Stunned by the ‘SWAT’ Star’s Death Hoax a Year Later

As mentioned, multiple posts about the 51-year-old‘s death hoax ad are on Twitter. For the last year, fans of the popular SWAT actor have shared just how ridiculous the clickbait ad is considering it’s clearly untrue.

“Lol why is tumblr showing ads that are using Shemar Moore’s face for celebs who have died. HES NOT EVEN DEAD,” Twitter user Jenna wrote.

“tumblr ads send me into ORBIT. Something about the delivery & the fact that he looks like Shemar Moore who is absolutely Still Alive,” a fan named Amelia tweeted.

“I’m so sick of scrolling through tumblr and seeing ads for a list of “celebrities who died and you didn’t notice”. I know it’s hogwash because the picture is if Shemar Moore and he’s not dead! I know because I freaking CHECKED There are SO MANY dead people. You don’t need to lie,” another fan tweeted a couple weeks ago.

Most everyone online seems to realize Shemar Moore is alive, but let’s just make it abundantly clear that the actor is indeed living and well. The CBS drama SWAT is currently in its fifth season, which airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. Of course, Moore is one of the lead actors on the popular series, and is a constant in each episode.

In addition, Moore frequently posts on social media. Only two days ago on Friday, he promoted SWAT‘s newest episode on Instagram writing “We’re back Baby!!” Further, just over a week ago, Moore shared a candid selfie to his Instagram account that has more than four million followers. Like we said, the actor is healthy doing just fine.