‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore on How New Season 5 Cast Addition Is Completely Unlike Onscreen Character

by Keeli Parkey

Even though it is only in its early weeks, the fifth season of “SWAT” has brought about some important changes for its characters.

One of the most important of these changes was the removal of Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson as the head of the 20-David unit. In the place of Hondo stepped in the new character, Rodrigo Sanchez. The new reality for Hondo is something that has not been welcomed by many fans of “SWAT.”

Actor Shemar Moore, who stars as Hondo, talked about the actor who was cast in the role of Hondo’s replacement during a recent interview with “Brief Take.”

“David DeSantos has been cast in season five to come and take over Hondo’s spot as ’20 David,'” Moore said. “

Moore has enjoyed working with his new co-star even though DeSantos is playing a character that is easy to hate in the popular CBS drama.

“David is the nicest man. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He’s just a good guy,” Moore also said. “But [his character is] a complete a*****e, he’s a d***, he’s a jerk on TV.”

According to the “SWAT” star, fans of the show also noticed that DeSanto’s character is a “jerk.”

“And so … our most recent episode was his first episode after Hondo gets back from Mexico. And if you go on social media and look at all the comments, ‘I hate him. I hate him. Who is this guy? Get rid of him,'” Shemar Moore pointed out. “And I feel bad for David because he’s such a nice guy. But he’s doing such a good job at being a jerk and challenging Hondo.”

Challenges Showing ‘SWAT’ Viewers ‘A Different Side of Hondo’

While fans might not be thrilled with the situation Hondo has found himself in, Shemar Moore is enjoying playing the popular character during such a challenging time.

“I think as much as the fans may think they hate it, it brings out a different side of Hondo. And I think you’re going to watch Hondo, uh, be tested. The machine, the department, the powers that be want to break him. You know, it’s like breaking a wild horse. Like, they want to get Hondo to fail and to quit,” Shemar Moore also shared.

The challenges Hondo will continue to face will help shape who the character becomes in the future. And that, according to Moore, will give fans a look into who the character really is.

“And just to watch him fight because he knows he’s in the right. But also, soul search and not be perfect and question himself. Does he have it in him to fight? Is it worth it to him? I think that’s interesting to watch. But I think that, whether people realize it or not, that’s true for anybody in real life, you know. If you believe in something, how bad do you want it? What are you willing to risk? What are you willing to sacrifice?” Shemar Moore also said.

You can watch “SWAT” star Shemar Moore talk about one of his newest cast members with “Brief Take” below. His comments about his co-star David DeSantos begin around the one-minute mark of the interview.