‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore Is Ready to Get Back to Work in New Photo

by Kati Michelle

You know that when Hondo says he’s “got your six” there ain’t nothin’ to worry about, even if that might be on a different night than usual. And “SWAT” fans also know there ain’t a better man behind the Sergeant Daniel Hondo Harrelson Jr. character than Shemar Moore. He takes the role seriously saying “We’re trying to give you the optimistic approach to the humanity of these men and women that fight for our lives every day,” referencing the LAPD SWAT team.

Although several delays plagued the show this season, fans won’t have to wait much longer to see the heartthrob back in action. His latest photo series posted to Instagram show that he’s ready to get back to work ahead of the new episode drop on Friday.

‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore Channels His Inner ‘Rocky’ In New Behind-the-Scenes Snaps From Set

Shemar Moore steps into the ring with his latest Instagram post featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of “SWAT.” We see him beside Kenny Johnson (the man behind the show’s Dominique Luca) as the two channel their inner “Rocky” together. We see Shemar grinning ear to ear in some of the shots while serving that signature smolder in others. And that’s just what you call range, baby.

Check it out:

As usual, the post is flooded with fans trying to get his attention.

“You are definitely my fantasy hubby love you,” writes one fan.

“Aging like fine wine, Mr. Moore!!” writes another.

What to Expect From Season 5 Episodes 7 and 8

Mark your calendars for December 3rd at 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT if you haven’t already. Season 5 Episode 7 of the CBS show premieres then and here’s what you can expect. Titled “Keep the Faith,” the episode features Hondo’s return as the fearless leader.

The team gets pulled into an especially dangerous case with a lot at stake. They find their adversaries in a stockpile of money and the Russian mob. Apart from the action, the episode also focuses on the characters’ relationships. Apparently, fans will see Daniel Sr. open up to Hondo about his past.

So, that’s the Episode 7 synopsis but we’ve also got intel for you about Episode 8. This one is called “Safe House” and is set to drop Friday, December 10th. It focuses on an undocumented woman who was violently abducted. The squad will have to think outside the box and form an unlikely alliance to bring her back. As a bonus, Alex Russell from the series actually directed this episode.

Paramount+ hosts the show for streaming if you can’t catch it during its live premiere on the CBS Network.