‘SWAT’ Teases an Explosive Start to the New Year With New Trailer

by Joe Rutland

Looking for some more fireworks for starting your 2022? SWAT has you covered thanks to this explosive trailer for a new episode.

The CBS police drama, which starts Shemar Moore as Daniel “Hondo” Henderson, shares this look into the Sunday, Jan. 9, episode titled Three Guns.

Take a look at it, Outsiders.

While we are talking about this, let’s give you a little synopsis look-see into this one.

It reads, “The SWAT team partners with the DEA to locate stolen rocket launchers smuggled into Los Angeles, high-power weapons with new technology capable of cutting through armored tanks. Also, a personal issue for Tan, played by David Lim, arises when a colleague is hurt in the field; Hondo’s inquiry into the arrest of a homeless veteran for Leroy, played by Michael Beach, Darryl’s father, sparks an idea for a new policing initiative; and Luca, played by Kenny Johnson, suspects the mother of his mentee, Kelly, played by Angelica Scarlet Johnson, wants to date him.”

So, did you catch last Sunday’s episode? No? That’s OK. SWAT had its primetime slot changed by CBS.

Set a marker on your DVR or watch the show live on Sundays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Yes, it’s the old SEAL Team timeslot in case you remember that show being there.

SWAT is in its fifth season on CBS. We’ll see, Outsiders, how this new timeslot treats the CBS police drama.

‘SWAT’ Fall Finale Had A Lot of Action In Episode

Well, what did happen in the show’s fall finale in December? Let’s take a look and see how things shook down.

First, it was titled Safe House. Second, SWAT top character Hondo had returned to the City of Angels, Los Angeles, and was city pursuing a new romance with Nichelle.

Third, the officer had an awkward dinner with her and his mother.

Fourth, he got a call telling him that he needed to de-escalate an armed man in a liquor store.

So, he arrives with his team. They manage to bring a man down but, sadly, they got there too late. Another group of men had abducted a young woman named Jenni who had been hiding in the bathroom.

Luca helps out and the team discovers that the woman had been a drug mule in her home country. She actually fled to the United States in the hopes of escaping the Central Rebels cartel.

Now, Jenni had left. A young man is now controlling the gang. It was important to him not to lose the respect of fellow gang members by letting the drug mule leave. IT was presumed that Jenni also took their product when she fled. So, they wanted both her and their drugs back.