‘SWAT’: Will Hondo and Rodrigo Sanchez Butt Heads?

by Joe Rutland

Hondo has been down in Mexico on “SWAT” and now we all want to know if he and Rodrigo Sanchez are about to go all WWE on the show.

What’s up, you Outsiders ask? Let’s fill in some blanks with a little help from Matt & Jess.

Daniel “Hondo” Henderson, played by Shemar Moore, has been in Mexico after losing his lead officer role on “SWAT” as part of the storyline.

Sanchez, played by David DeSantos, is that team’s new leader. He’s going all out to destroy Hondo. We even got a glimpse at next week’s episode. It doesn’t look promising for Hondo.

‘SWAT’ Showing Sanchez Simply Looking To Gather Up Power Within LAPD

On “SWAT,” Sanchez is simply looking to gather up the power. It’s all about him.

He also knows people within the Los Angeles Police Department want Hondo gone. Why? Hondo spoke up about racism within the LAPD, and that cost him his job.

Sanchez is working his way through the inner sanctum of the LAPD itself. It’s all about politics and making his presence felt.

What is going to happen? We don’t know, Outsiders. It does not look good for Hondo heading in the future. So tune in Friday nights for “SWAT” and see how it all goes down.

Catch the show at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on your local CBS station.

David Lim Really Enjoys Working With Co-Star On CBS Police Drama

Meanwhile, David Lim, who plays Victor Tan, talked about working with Moore in an April Brief Take interview.

Lim said it is a lot of fun.

“I’m blessed to be a part of the show with him,” Lim said. “We hit it off from the get-go four years ago (filming the pilot). We’ve only become much closer.”

Closer? It can’t be much closer since Lim lives just a mile away from Moore.

“I love working with him,” Lim said. “He’s a great leader. He’s a phenomenal actor. You see what you see on T.V., but the cameras aren’t rolling; he’s a down-to-earth guy.”

So, he also talked about working on the show during the pandemic.

Lim said “SWAT” was one show not facing shutdowns because of COVID-19 outbreaks.

“I think we were all thankful to go back to work and continue what we love,” he said. The actor also gave props to the show’s writers. They, according to Lim, kept working on them despite not much action taking place due to COVID-19.

Lim said they had to “bring it” and the writers delivered.

If you think Lim is not one to do stunts, then think again. He was an athlete growing up so getting a chance to do his own stunts pleased him.