‘Taxi’ Star Star Marilu Henner Also Appeared in a Long-Running Hallmark Series

by Megan Molseed

Marilu Henner may have gotten her start as Elaine Nardo in television on the hit 1970s and 1980s sitcom, Taxi. However, the longtime actress has continued her prolific career in the business even long after she hung up her taxi keys.

After saying goodbye to the series on which she starred with other famous names such as Danny Devito, Christopher Lloyd, and Andy Kauffman, Henner found a variety of roles in movies and the small screen. Recently, however, the actress has returned to playing a regular in a popular series as she stars in the Hallmark movie franchise, the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. And, the former Taxi star notes, it’s a role she is excited to explore.

“I think Hallmark is very good at picking a brand and a certain quality product that they can explore,” Marilu Henner says of the programming one can find on the popular Hallmark Channel.

“You get to know the characters,” the actress adds. “And it does become kind of a little repertoire company for the actors.”

Solving Mysteries With Another Big Name

The Hallmark movie series features Henner’s birthday twin, Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora. Henner portrays Aurora’s mother, Aida. In the series, Cameran Bure portrays a librarian with a nose for mystery and a penchant for solving the seemingly unsolvable. And, while Cameran Bure may be a little unlike her Aurora Teagarden character, Henner says there are certainly some similarities.

Henner notes that the character of Aurora is “described in the book as kind of a mousy librarian.”

“But Candace is anything but mousy,” the actress says. “She’s very studious, very into mysteries and crime-solving, and belongs to a club called the Real Murders club.”

Henner adds that the movies and franchise series that the popular movie channel develops are almost always pleasing to the viewers.

“With the other Hallmark movies, there’s always something a little quirky and interesting about them,” the former Taxi star explains. “But you know there’s going to be a happy ending because it’s Hallmark, of course.”

Marilu Henner Continues Successful Career After ‘Taxi’

Over the years, Marilu Henner has remained a recognizable face in the industry. After Taxi, Henner went on to portray Ava Evans Newton in Evening Shade. After stepping away from her starring roles, the actress dipped her toe into the big screen. Over the years, the longtime actress has appeared in a variety of movies including Cannonball Run IIThe Man Who Loved Women, and L.A. Story.

More recently, Marilu Henner has had some very memorable guest-starring roles in some very popular television shows. In 2011 Henner had a turn on Grey’s Anatomy portraying Alice Moser. Later, the actress made several appearances on Brooklyn 99 as Vivian Ludley. Henner’s Ludley is a woman who begins a May/December romance with Charles Boyle. The actress also guest stars in episodes of CBS’s The Neighborhood and Two and a Half Men.