Ted Nugent Offers Touching Tribute to ‘Soulbrother’ Meat Loaf

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

On Friday (January 21st), singer and songwriter Ted Nugent took to his Instagram to offer a touching tribute to Meat Loaf, who reportedly passed away at the age of 74.

“Rest in peace my soulbrother soulmusic bloodbrother!” Ted Nugent declares in his social media post. “A great man great American rocksolid in the asset column of the American dream! The wonderful Meatloaf force of nature will be with us forever.”

Ted Nugent and Meat Loaf have some history. According to Classic Rock History, Meat Loaf was actually the lead singer for Nugent’s 1979 album Free For All. Originally, Derek St. Holmes was set to perform lead vocals. But then he quit due to disagreements on how the album was being produced. The album’s producer, Tom Werman, decided to contact Meat Loaf and ask if could come in for the sessions and sing lead.

Ted Nugent notably sang lead for the album’s opening title track Free For All, while St. Holmes performed lead vocals for Dog Eat Gog, Turn It Up, and Light My Way. Meat Loaf then performed lead vocals for the album’s remaining five tracks. The tracks are Writing on the Wall; Street Rats; Together; Hammerdown; and I Love You So I told You a Lie. 

Meat Loaf Recalled When His Music Career Started in Michigan 

During an interview with MLive, Meat Loaf recalled when his music career began in Michigan. “[My band and I] lived in a house in Freeland, Michigan for a year and played in the Grande Ballroom 80 times and opened for everybody you could imagine. Except for the Beatles, the Stones, and Jefferson Airplane You name it, we opened for them.”

Meat Loaf then shared how he was cast in the Detroit cast of Hair. “I wound up getting cast in Hair, and they brought me back to Detroit. I did it here and it wound up on Broadway. Then Jim Steinman and I met and I went out on the road. Against the odds, I made Bat Out of Hell happen. I had so many people hate me, it was ridiculous. The industry didn’t like me, but the people liked me and that’s who counts.”

Meat Loaf also spoke about how he signed his first recording contract with Motown, which was a duet with Stoney, who is now Shaun Murphy. Meat Loaf went on to release 12 solo studio albums from 1977 to 2016. He recently was recovering from back surgery and had actually been planning to get back into touring and recording new songs in 2022. 

Meat Loaf told Billboard recently that he called his agent about his touring plans. “I left him a message, ‘Let’s do five weeks. 16 shows in America. Take a little break. Do 16 shows in Europe. Take a break. Do another 16. Then see how we like it I’m ready to get out there.”