Teen ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Reveals She Received Harassment After Winning $100,000 Prize

by Amanda Glover

Sometimes, winning comes at a price. A teen “Jeopardy” winner, Claire Sattler, proves that after explaining her experience on TikTok.

This former “Jeopardy!” Teen Champion is opening up about the harassment she faced after winning the 2018 tournament’s $100,000 grand prize. She won the prize at just 16 years old!

Currently, Sattler is a student at the prestigious Yale University. In a recent TikTok she made, the college student discusses the difficulties she experienced after taking home the prize.

The former “Jeopardy!” contestant endured being stalked, cyberbullied, and harassed after the show. She was even accused of sleeping with Alex Trebek for answers.

Back in 2018, Sattler discussed her experiences with Naples News. “

“I was very nervous about the internet’s reaction. Twitter very much decided I was the villain of the finals for some reason other than the fact that I talk a lot. But people have moved on to their next fixation.”

The Florida college student’s father, Steve Sattler, discussed how his daughter learned from the uncomfortable experience.

“She got fooled by some people. It really bothered her. I said, ‘You don’t need affirmation from a person who has nothing else to do to then watch teen kids on a game show and make fun of them.’ It’s a good lesson — if you do something in the world, you’ve got to be ready for it.”

The former “Jeopardy!” star dealt with bullying and harassment due to jealousy and resentment. Some had trouble believing the then-teenager was smart enough to win the competition. Thankfully, Sattler managed to learn from the negativity and continue using her smarts at Yale University!

Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss

Another former “Jeopardy!” contestant is making headlines. Earlier this week, Joshua Swiger shared a picture of his recent weight loss and we’re so happy for him!

The former contestant took to Facebook to show off his new figure and inspire others to work hard to achieve their goals.

“A common phrase that I see online when people talk about “the key to successful weight loss” is that you need dedication and hard work. I can say from experience that that isn’t the key. Being honest with yourself is fundamental to any change you want to make. We need to shift the language and mindset and influence to focus more on sustainable health and less on quick fixes. A band-aid doesn’t heal a broken bone,” his post reads. 

Swiger became a contestant on “Jeopardy!” back in January 2020. During his first appearance, the 43-year-old Hawaii native won $16,400. While this is an impressive win, this wasn’t all audiences focused on. The former “Jeopardy” contestant announced that he lost 200 pounds, adopted a low-carb lifestyle, and regained control of his health.