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Tennessee Library Director Fired After Kirk Cameron Accuses Him of ‘Unkind’ Treatment During Children’s Book Reading: Report

by Samantha Whidden
TODAY -- Pictured: Kirk Cameron on Friday, Feb. 22, 2018 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

Weeks after Kirk Cameron alleged that the library staff in Hendersonville, Tennessee were unkind to him during his “patriotic book event,” the establishment’s director has reportedly been fired over the incident. 

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While speaking to Fox News Digital, a spokesperson from Brave Books, the publishing company that released Kirk Cameron’s children’s book, As You Grow, stated that the head official at Hendersonville Public Library had been pushing back against the book event days before it was set to take place. The spokesperson stated that the director was determined to not have the event, which took place on February 25th.

“A head official realized this event was going to be much more than a typical story hour,” the spokesperson explained. “Noticing guests like  Missy Robertson [of ‘Duck Dynasty’ fame] and [women’s sports advocate] Riley Gaines, the official at the library reached out to us informing us that the story hour would not be happening on the 25th.”

Missy Robertson also shared that the library staff was pretty unwelcoming when it came to the event. While speaking on the Unashamed podcast with Phil and Jason Robertson, Missy stated that the staff actually became “disruptive” when she and Kirk Camero were attempting to film marketing videos for the book. 

“[The lady at the front desk of the library] said, ‘We’re just trying to look for things to deal with our stress,’” Robertson stated. “Stre-… what stress?… We’re just standing there with a camera doing a marketing video. That’s when I turned my phone on. I started recording. I was like, ‘This is blatant and ridiculous.” 

Sumner County Library Board Boots Director After Kirk Cameron’s Book Event Drama 

The Tennessean reports that after the February 25th event, the Sumner County Library Board officially directed the library director Allan Morales following Kirk Cameron’s accusations. 

In an email obtained by the media outlet, it was revealed that Morales actually attempted to convince Brave Books to move the event to a church in the city. “Our invitation was sincere to read a book during our story time,” he explained to the publisher. “We guard that time because it is for small children and not adults. We work hard at not promoting any agendas left or right.”

Along with accusing Morales of being unkind to him, Kirk Cameron alleged that Morales was speaking “too loudly” during the promotional filming session inside the library. Riley Gaines noted that there was tension between Cameron and Morales leading up to the book event. However, she wasn’t sure that Morales intentionally talked loudly during the filming session. 

Morales also spoke out about Kirk Cameron’s allegations over his behavior as well as his firing. “I just have chosen to not say anything,” he declared. “I don’t want to add to all this, I’m hoping now that they have fired me that the community can move on. There’s not much of a point to give my side. At [the] end of the day, I don’t hate anybody.”