‘The Amazing Race’ Host Phil Keoghan Reflects on 20 Years on the Show

by Anna Dunn

The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan recently reflected on 20 years working on the show. The show aired its season 32 finale in December 2020. That means it has been over a year since we’ve had new episodes until its return today, January 5th. Keogan is incredibly grateful for all the support the show has received over the past two decades and during the difficult hiatus.

“I think more than ever, The Amazing Race is an important show to be on the air, because we need to start celebrating some of the better things in the world,” the host told TV Insider. It’s been so hard to film The Amazing Race due to the international nature of the show.

But Keogan says CBS is dedicated to keeping the show on the air even in unprecedented times. And they’ve followed through with that, providing what Keoghan hopes is a much-needed distraction for the fans.

“We’ve been getting stuck and weighted down with what’s wrong, and The Amazing Race is a lot about what’s right and opening people’s eyes up to some of the more positive things that we should be celebrating, including the human spirit,” he says.

Since 2001, the show has aired seasons where 11 teams of two travel around the globe in search of a cash prize. And Keoghan thinks part of the reason they’ve lasted as long as they have is that they have an incredible team working for the show.

“I think we’ve lasted this long because of the tremendous quality of the show we’ve managed to produce for 20 years,” Keoghan muses. “A lot of hardworking, talented people have poured their heart and soul into it.”

Here are Some of the ‘Amazing Race’ Season 33 Cast Members

The Amazing Race has done its best to prioritize the health and safety of its team and cast. And they’ve brought in a great bunch this year.

The Amazing Race has brought in some awesome people from season 33 from all over. The duos consist of married couples, childhood friends and more.

Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone, for instance, are childhood friends. Hailing from Sacramento, California, These people are very recognizable. The two were on a train to Paris when they helped take down an armed terrorist. Not only did they make the news, but a movie, The 15:17 to Paris, was made about the event.

There’s also Akbar and Sheridan Cook, educators from New Jersey. The married couple met while playing basketball in college and have been together for 17 years.

You also have everyone from influencers to Radio hosts and more on the cast. It’s bringing people with incredibly diverse backgrounds and perspectives onto the show.

It should be a ton of fun, so if you want to watch this season of The Amazing Race, new episodes are airing on Wednesdays on CBS.