‘The Amazing Race’: How to Watch Tonight’s Season 33 Premiere

by Kati Michelle

Well, folks, it’s been a long time coming, but “The Amazing Race” is officially back. After COVID-19 halted the show’s production for a year and a half, fans will see 11 new teams start the journey of their life tonight during the show’s highly anticipated return. And, sure, we can talk all about the new cast and what countries they’ll be exploring this season, but there’s one other piece of vital information we need to get out of the way first. Where and how can you tune into the two-hour premiere of “The Amazing Race?”

You’ve come to the right place, Outsiders, because we’ve got your answer and so much more right here. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and start unpacking Season 33 of “The Amazing Race.”

‘The Amazing Race’ Returns for a Two-Hour Premiere of Its 33rd Season

You can catch the show as it makes its way to the airwaves on CBS tonight, Wednesday, January 5th at 8 pm EST. “The Amazing Race” will then keep this Wednesday slot with new episodes weekly. However, starting January 12th, the time slot will be moved an hour later to 9 pm EST. The show will also be available to stream on both Paramount+ and FurboTV, both of which offer a free trial if you’re not ready to commit quite yet.

Traditionally, contestants of “The Amazing Race” spend between 3 and 4 weeks racing around the world, depending on the season. Most seasons see the contestants visit between three and six different continents. Of course, the global pandemic called for some changes this year, which you can read more about here. One of the biggest changes is that the contestants will now be transported via the show’s very own plane. The new season is fit with duos from all walks of life from twin radio hosts to singing police officers. You can meet them here.

At the end of the day, fans don’t have to fear too much change, with New Zealander Phil Keoghan returning to his beloved spot as host.

Phil Keoghan Celebrates the Show’s Return

After two decades, “The Amazing Race” already boasts 32 trips around the globe and over 600 racers that have collectively traveled over one million miles. Tonight’s premiere will only add to that growing list and it looks like no one is more excited than Phil Keoghan himself.

The show’s host took to Twitter today to commemorate the special day with two fitting hashtags: #TickitBeforeYouKickIt and #TheWorldIsWaitingForYou

You can catch his tweet here: