‘The Amazing Race’: Meet the Season 33 Cast

by Madison Miller

It’s been a little while since we’ve gotten to see a group of people run around to some of the most gorgeous parts of the world, solving clues, and trying to win a million dollars.

It makes sense, given the ongoing pandemic. Season 32 of “The Amazing Race” was filmed prior to the pandemic in November and December 2018 and was released starting in October 2020.

Now, season 33 of the popular show is underway after having to shut down production mid-taping. The show will now air on January 5 at 8/7 CT with a two-hour premiere.

At this time, fans of “The Amazing Race” will be introduced to 11 new pairs of people prepared to take on the world and earn a huge cash prize. These new contestants are going to go to 13 different cities and seven countries.

As always, “The Amazing Race” is here to deliver everything it’s been delivering for 32 seasons now. Crazy stunts, meticulously difficult challenges, pit stops, mental challenges, and some truly iconic duos.

Iconic Duos Coming to ‘The Amazing Race’

Here’s a look at some of the pairs we’ll meet very soon. Akbar and Sheridan Cook are married educators that currently live in Martinsville, New Jersey. They first met after both of them played basketball in college and have now been married for 17 years, according to TV Line.

Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone are two childhood friends from Sacramento, California. The two of them are faces you may recognize from the news. The two of them were on a train to Paris when Stone helped rush an armed terrorist. The movie “The 15:17 to Paris” is about this heroic deed.

Also stopping by for “The Amazing Race” are Kim and Penn Holderness, internet personalities from Raleigh, North Carolina. They were once news anchors but quit to become full-time content creators. They share videos of their home life on social media.

Speaking of journalists, Marianela “Lulu” and Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez are twins and radio hosts from North Bergen, New Jersey. The two said they have always worked together and are currently working for iHeartRadio.

One of the most energetic duos for this season has to be Michael Norwood and Armonde “Moe” Badger. They are (singing!) police officers from Buffalo, New York. Another pair on the show is husbands Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones from Portland. You may remember the two when their wedding flash mom dance went viral in 2019.

Getting ‘The Amazing Race’ Off the Ground

It’s been a huge battle to even get this season of “The Amazing Race” made. The creators of the show had to really think through the locations and make sure everything was as safe as possible.

“It actually opened up a whole new world for us of how to do this in a very different way, but still have the same feel and energy. It created a close race every single time that plane landed in the next city…” Executive Producer Elise Doganieri said to Variety.

Most of the locations are more remote this season and they are doing multiple shows in one country, which is not normally the case. Additionally, contestants are not using any kind of public transportation and are only speaking with locals that have been tested and vaccinated.